August 15, 2010

A Gathering

Above: G and E in E’s garden. Below: All these old friends laughed a lot in E’s delightful sunshine...coworkers and friends but only two still work for the company. 2010.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Helped friend with communication problems with her ISP….she cancelled. Sold a bill of goods. No 7/24 support. He did laundry, went to Reunion BBQ where he had a ball with old friends, ate too much, had fun, and came home and made a slide show.

Herself: …and the quilt blog too: Worked on photos while he was gone, went to BBQ, ate lumpia and wonderful things plus two desserts, came home and made a slide show after he made his slide show. Downloaded all the photos from the reunion, and will make a photo site from them today. Today: Paper, CBS Sunday Morning, blog, photos, shower, swapmeet where G is looking for watch bands, make YouTube slideshow, lunch and dinner in there somewhere, meeting early today.

My Babylonian Captivity: Do stop in and read Tugster's newest blog. For Tugster was captured in Iran when Iraq invaded, and this is the story of that time. His mother died suddenly, and there will be a hiatus in the writing.

Gratitude: The Geezer.

Assured by a salesman, older than I, that this program would make photos into CD’s and DVD’s, I bought the edition of Roxio that does everything but wash dishes. I managed to load it, and when I opened it there I found myself open mouthed and blank brained. Oh, It looked simple. Unfortunately, I didn’t immediately see anything recognizable that I could use making a slideshow.

The many years between the Geezer’s age and mine seeming leave me almost in a technology bland, older generation. They say that if you don’t learn how to use computers, how to use modern technology, not only will you be left behind but you will die early. I certainly can see my brain shrivel when confronted by programs that even a five year old granddaughter can run. Perhaps the past tense is better: shriveled.

I was gone only moments it seemed, and while I was out of the room, G made a slideshow with music. There he was playing it on the upstairs television.

With great hand holding and soothing commentary such as, “Go take your meds as this stage takes a long time,” ten minutes of pictures were downloaded with a little jazz in the background….soothing music for the not soothing images. We made the images in the wrong size, and the wrong music. So I did it again…..with the wrong music choices again. The pictures were the right size….and I felt triumphant while G felt as if he’d been babysitting.

Later today after I upload the reunion pictures for G’s old secretary, I’ll see if I can master the techniques to create a short YouTube video for this blog. Short being the word.


  1. That learning curve is hard on all of us. I picked up a new car yesterday and will need an engineering/IT degree to operate all the stuff in it. The fact that you're willing to learn and keep at it shows your mettle!

  2. I have grown up with technology and still find myself baffled with new programs. There is too much information on a single screen and not simple clear directions.

    You are brilliant and young in your heart (and mine) and you make me laugh and for that, I am truly grateful.

    Wonderful pictures today, also making me smile. :)

  3. You're far ahead of me. I still haven't learned how to put anything on YouTube.

  4. I'm thrilled with the tiny amount that I can do and accept my limitations. I can embed but links are my Waterloo.

  5. I am in love with G...better not let me visit. He is took kind. I am not nearly as patient with my hubby when he is struggling with software. I do find the audio/video programs complex as all get out. It usually has to do with the formatting and transfer end.

  6. Now don't be hard on yourself, you are an inspiration in many ways. Just because you would never make a career as a computer help desk person, doesn't mean you are totally without tech smarts.

  7. I used to have Roxio, Mage, and I've made numerous picture slide shows with music. It took me a lot of what seemed like wasted time to figure things out, but if you keep at it and use it often enough, you'll be able to do it as well. I believe I'm older that you, did not grow up during the technology age, did not get a college education (I got mine like Abe Lincoln--reading), and I can still do a lot of things on the computer--maybe not as fast as I'd like--but still do. You know the story: if I can, you can too! BTW, I don't remember telling you happy I am to follow your quilting projects on that blog, though I'm so busy with yard work these days I only get around once a week.


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