August 11, 2010

Get Used To It!

Three ladies at Comic Con, 2010.

Yesterday and Today

My Babylonian Captivity: Do stop in and read Tugster's newest blog. For Tugster was captured in Iran when Iraq invaded, and this is the story of that time. Yesterday, he wrote about running out of food.

Himself: Swam, told everybody two days in a row about the new job, sent off the last unemployment paperwork, ran errands all morning, lunch at IKEA where herself got a new pillow, home to salad by the bay, and all other spare moments learning about the new phone.

Herself: with the quilt blog too: Wrote, swam, errands, got a new pillow, ditto G, library and read for an hour before dinner by the bay. Got a couple of new-to-me Stabenow’s, read until bed.

Gratitude: Dana Stabenow’s way with words and ability to build characters so believably.

  • Yes, he did fight upgrading his phone. Argued. Almost ranted. Then yesterday he spent the day learning how to use it. He texted Lessa who responded with a couple of smart remarks. He learned how to take pictures and not only move them to his computer but put them on the front of his phone. He used his GPS….which put him in the right city but wrong island. Even during dinner he was still learning new things. Lessa thought he would get hooked on texting, but I now can confirm that he’s hooked on the new smaller toys.

  • Himself is off fishing. It’s really my first half day by myself since all of this began one year and two months ago. The skies are grey, but he is off…patch behind his ear, in company with one of the guys from the Automotive Museum. It will be cold on the water at first. He’s wearing layers. Two of his rods have fresh line, and he’s taking a much lightened tackle box for this half day trip off the Point. Normally, he is here, right behind me, and I feel the emptiness in the room. “Get used to it,” I tell myself. I’ve spent twenty some years all by myself, doing my own routine with only a few years here or there in his company. The years I worked at Petco Park, I was alone every day I worked until bedtime.

  • I’m off to the pool, to the Discovery Shop….it’s book day, and will meet him here. Later this afternoon, I don’t know if we are taking Lessa’s new machine up to her, but it seems likely. Small things saved for her grow into large piles. Today there’s a sewing machine with a bag of goodies to go with it, a box of recipes, my old jewelry box for MJ, books….one will be a big treat, and various and sundry other odds and orts. I keep asking her if she wants things like this in her beyond tiny cottage, and she always says yes. This pile will keep her amused for the rest of her summer break from school….perhaps divert her thinking from worries about money. It’s the best we can do today.


  1. Sounds bittersweet, Maggie...

    Those women have no panty lines!!

  2. Perhaps they were not wearing pants!!! You have a sweet relationship with your daughter and I can tell how concerned and prickly you are about it. It will all work out over time.

  3. I see progress in the making. Adjustment is part of living and you seem to be doing a good job hanging in there.

  4. I was always alone when I was married. Being alone divorced is expectation of anyone returning. being adaptable is the best.

  5. They look a bit like a traffic light.


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