August 10, 2010

Into the Twenty First Century

Photos Top: Steampunk dignity. Middle: A Steam punk pirate see bottom also. Bottom: The boys of summer watching adjustments to the lycra. Comic Con 2010.

Yesterday and Today

My Babylonian Captivity: Do stop in and read Tugster's newest blog. For Tugster was captured in Iran when Iraq invaded, and this is the story of that time.

Himself: Swam, downloaded more paperwork, signed, shopped, faxed, shopped.

Herself: …and the quilt blog too: Swam, meeting….tho I fell asleep in the meeting. This is happening more and more lately, and I ask if it’s a reaction to the Diet Coke, followed G around, and checked to see if that jacket I liked was still at Macy’s. Not.

Gratitude: Alanon.

The Geezer wasn’t going to get himself a new phone. Frankly, he was more than cranky about it. He, who loves technology wasn’t willing to take the leap, and he used money as an excuse.

When his phone went silent Sunday, I used this silence to get him to the Verizon store.

He’d already been window shopping online. He found two he liked….one was the new Droid. Big keyboards, big screens, sturdy construction and reliability. Selfishly, I came along because I wanted his Razr. The Droid was sold out and had a waiting list. A Droid clone, the Ally, was available then….a good phone for the beginner, the sales person told him. The phone does everything but wash dishes: It goes online, has GPS, got a web browser, 5mp camera, SKYPE, and other attributes that skated on by me.

I leaned on the counter thinking I needed to do more leg lifts. I leaned on the Macy’s building bored. The two talked on comparing this and that and then again. I watched the crowds saunter and there were crowds. Filled bags on arms and in hands.

After almost an hour, with only a small increase over the paltry $37.00 a month he’s been paying all these years, he’s now taken a leap into the 21st century. He’s now got the newest technology he will need when he’s at work. All this for 200 bucks with a discount that reduced the phone to 100 and with a mail in rebate the cost was zero plus taxes of 32 bucks….we paid the taxes.

He had no excuse.


  1. Oooh! Did that lady pull a hamstring?

  2. Some of us leap into technology and some of us are pulled kicking and screaming.
    Look how nice those men were wanting to assist that lady in distress! :)

  3. Looks like she got a run in her leather.

  4. Well, he is ahead of me. I don't even do texting. I only got the cell phone when my husband gave it me as a gift....but I couldn't live without it now.


  5. We are way back in the last century mobile wise.


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