August 22, 2010

Lunch with Aaron

Aaron and G.

Yesterday and Today

My Babylonian Captivity: Do stop in and read Tugster's newest blog. He and others from his hotel are moved to various military bases and used as human shields.

Himself: A couple of estate sales, Lunch at Pat&Oscars, the funeral, replaced part on GPS, gassed the car while she shelved books at Discovery shop, then we were home to the cool and a simple dinner.

Herself: …and the quilt blog too: Ditto….don’t you like that. We did look good at the funeral, and Jean9 would have been proud of us. We were her “Trashy Neighbors” taking out her trash many of the last 15 years. The book sale is ongoing….masses of books everywhere, and I have been attempting to get them out of the back room and sold by going in and shelving books every day. I have five book cases full with only a few held back to sell at higher prices.

Gratitude: Jean9 for being such a joy in our lives.

On this eve of saying goodbye to Aaron as he heads to Afghanistan, of parting with Christmas ornaments or sorting out the Sci-fi to keep or not keep, of polishing silver, of cutting out quilt pieces, I find I am letting the little stuff overwhelm me.

Aaron is most important, but I’m hiding behind all the stuff and more stuff in our lives instead of giving in to fear.

I’d polished some of my silver jewelry yesterday so I wouldn’t be wearing black on black to Jean9’s funeral mass at 2…an endless non-recognizable ritual. Today we are eating at Aaron’s choice of restaurants…Hometown Buffet. We don’t eat there because it makes us sick. Aaron is most important.

All but three of the 14 grandkids are in the “we will live forever” stage of youth. I remember that well. Because of our family disease of Alcoholism, I made no attempt to be one of those dear, cozy grammas. I’d like to have been one as I had a special grandma of my own and remember that her unconditional love well. Instead, I made a choice to come when we were invited . Poor G inherited this choice and all these grandkids when he married me.

Today we will take lots of pictures. Today we will hug him….and his sister, and his parents. Today we will try not to regret instead just love. Today we will not let the little stuff get in the way of love.

Aaron with his sister Beth, Left, and holding his sister MJ, 2010.


  1. How poignantly moving, sad, and hopeful. Yes, today is about love and I hope Aaron will come back safely to share another today soon.

  2. I also hope that Aaron comes back safe and sound. It is lovely though, to see pictures of happy family life.

    I came over from Celia's blog and was drawn to yours because we share the same name!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. My thoughts will be with you today and in the coming days as you say goodby to Aaron. I'm also sending wishes for a safe return.

  4. Awwww... Maggie. I am feeling for you and your family. I can imagine the anxiety and sadness you must all be feeling. Your photos are gorgeous and I hope the happiness shared on these days can warm you in the days to come until Aaron returns.

  5. I will hold a light in my heart for him and for everyone who is touched by his life. Beautiful post. I have tears in my eyes.

  6. A tip of my hat (that covers my not-quite-bald head) to Aaron. Godspeed. A lovely tribute you've written here to your grandchildren.

  7. Blessings and prayers to Aaron.


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