August 19, 2010


"A", the most unusual yacht in the world. It's huge too. Note the regularly sized sail boat up near the bow. Follow the link to an article about the ship.

Yesterday and Today

My Babylonian Captivity: Do stop in and read Tugster's newest blog. For Tugster was captured in Iran when Iraq invaded, and this is the story of that time. He resumes the story at the point he and his friend Tom are taken from his hotel.
Himself: Waited all day. His laptop obviously wasn’t overnighted.

Herself: with the rarely blogged in quilt blog too: Swam, books, priced all sorts of stuff, and home to wait. Dinner by the bay with D. Home and reading the latest Alaska Mystery.

Gratitude: G’s attitude through all this.

Waiting at home or by the bay is still waiting.

He waits. When I am not busy swimming or pricing things or reading or quilting or even avoiding quilting, I wait. I try not to think, or worry, or do anything but not think. I’m doing pretty good for a worry wart.


  1. and what a profoundly disturbing white ship that is! thanks for all

  2. I agree. That "yacht" looks ugly and uninviting and too ostentatious for this time in mankind's history. I will wait with you...will that help?

  3. Today is another day, perhaps today it will arrive. Hope so.

  4. Omigosh, we saw one (smaller) like it in the Columbia River coming up from Portland, thought it was a cruise ship until we caught up with it. I agree with Tugster, "profoundly disturbing" for sure.

    Thanks for the note this morning Maggie, we do have a lot in common.

  5. It might be because I'm hungry, but that yacht reminds me of a cake covered with fondant!
    I can't imagine ever having that much money.
    I'm catching up after being away -- I certainly hope it's arrived by now!


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