September 16, 2010

An Action Day and Slow Morning

Northern California coastal hills lined with cow paths. Road Trip, 2010.

After swimming, I read as many of your blogs as I could. The Geezer left for work, and I kept reading for half an hour. I miss you all when I can’t get to your pages early in the day.

I shuffled books at the Discovery shop, thank you for donating, but just today there was chaos and no shelving for all the books. Jay, the wheel chair bound lady came in and made clear sense of the chaos. Oh, how I appreciated her.

Donations trickled in, and I was able to keep up with them all and I made order out of the chaos of my corner of the back room…which was filled with donations from a major corporation. Thank you corporation.

Home late. No Geezer. Actually got the email read and some answered. That’s really “into action” stuff. We were to do dinner with Don…we do on Wednesdays, but no Geezer. No Geezer at 1530 pm; no Geezer at 1600. We were to meet Don at 5. The G is supposed to spend 4 hours on the road and 4 hours doing paperwork. He had spent seven hours on the road by the time I began to get worried.

He arrived home just in time to do a turn around and go get Don for a dinner on the bay.

While he reschedules himself for the day, I meet with the poetry ladies at Ken’s house. I’ll go, but I don’t know if I want to or not. Very faint this morning. I even toppled over in my chair….so very strange. Woke to G asking if I was ok over and over. Nauseous too.

I'm home instead of class now. A day to myself. No driving, no fuss, simple foods if I ever get hungry, and I've arranged for someone else to pickup Georganna and take her to the group. Falling sick like that over your morning coffee is a frightening thing.


  1. Watch it there. We don't need you getting sick. Rest, and most of all let your mind be at ease. Tomorrow is another day and it will come whether you fret or you don't fret. Have a healing day.

  2. Be good to yourself, could be stress. I'm learning that things will take care of themselves for a day while I resort myself. Time for some time out?

  3. Rest and let life settle a bit. Thinking of you, my dear.

  4. It would not hurt to stop by the Doc's. Are you on any new meds?

  5. I hate when when the husb is way later than he should be -- frightening.
    Frightening, too, is the fact that you fainted. Blood pressure low? Take care. Maybe seeing a doc wouldn't hurt.

  6. If this happens again, I sure will call my doctor. I slept all day, and will be quiet tomorrow too, but am shakey this evening. Feels like a bug.

  7. Whew! I have done that a few times myself. It is best to talk to a doctor, especially if it happens again. Due for a checkup?

  8. Do run to the doctor if you can, and give yourself a few slow restful healing days. Sending much love your way, along with a little nudge for G's schedule to be good, steady, easy, nice too.

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