September 20, 2010

All Tucked In

So I was a good girl after two bouts of dizziness yesterday.

I called the doctor's office first thing....after swimming and talking with Bee.

The doc said come here's an appointment in an hour.

I went down.

She didn't hem and haw.

Since I didn't want to pay platinum prices for parking, I moved the truck to the hospital parking lot before I checked in at the ER.

They did all the usual, and I was able to keep my spirits up through the chest Xray, the Cat Scan, all the tests, pokes, and prods. The ER doc was a charmer. The admitting doc was a delight, but the cardiologist was a downer with no news but a depressing attitude.

So I'm tucked in to SM Hospital 6th floor, and I am attached to a heart monitor. As far as I know, my drivers license has been suspended, and meds are on the moon as usual.

I did not expect to be here today, but Grumpy has been bailed out and more will be revealed tomorrow. G has been here twice, Lenorq once, and Lessa has called What more could I want. I'm smiling again, but slowly.


  1. Oh Geez, not what I was expecting. Will be anxious to hear more.

  2. Holy spotted cow! I'm glad you're there and that they're doing tests. Losing consciousness twice is nothing to screw around with. Relax. Let us know how things are going and what they say!

  3. Holy momma! I'll find you tomorrow!

  4. Argh!!!!!!!!!!! Consider yourself hugged and know that you are in my prayers!!! And I hope you are back to your normal sweet self soon.

  5. Maggie, I am thinking about you and sending you healing and loving thoughts. All the worrying thoughts and wishes that I could be there to help, I'll keep to myself (lol). Please get better soon.

  6. Ack, didn't expect that, but am hoping and praying for the best. So glad you are checking this out. That's an expensive hotel you've got honey, they better treat you right.

  7. Lie back on the pillows a bit and let them do what they do. Answers will at least allow you to make proper decisions about the future. I feel for you on the license. I was not able to drive for quite some time. It is so hard to be dependent on others. Hang in there!

  8. Oh my goodness, Maggie. I hope things turn out OK. Let's hope it's nothing and that you just need some rest.


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