September 23, 2010

The Saga of Two Teeth

0614am, Wednesday September 22: Good morning.

Oh, do I have a story for you.

What, you ask.

Nothing really exciting…..just a little moment beyond the mundane. In fact, I remember something like this happening to my grandfather on one train trip across the country. He must have been rushing….just like I was when they arrived to take me to the MRI.
I’d given G my earrings and my rings, but perhaps for vanities sake, I had kept my partial.

Gimpa got up one morning, and took out his false teeth. Perhaps he put them in a glass to soak. Before he thought, he poured the glass of liquid down the drain. In those days, the drain emptied out directly on the tracks.

I wrapped my two small teeth in a green napkin that came with my dinner, and I put them in my water glass. Quickly, for one is not supposed to have metal on them when getting an MRI. When we came back, the room had been cleaned and the bed made. Nice and neat.

The Geezer went home, there was a flurry of fuss over the lady in the next space, then Dr. Jay arrived to visit. Only then did I notice that I hadn’t put my teeth back in…..that the cup was gone. Oh panic. Sadness too. The trash had already gone out to the dumpster….and the nurses had gone looking for my one small cup in the mess that is the trash room. They didn't dins the partial. I missed most of both NCIS’s in the fuss.

I can see the giant dumpster from here...six floors below me.


  1. OHhhhh! I feel so sorry for you. My daughter--when she had retainers after expensive orthodonture treatment--did a similar thing with the partial while she at basketball practice! We went through the school dumpster later that night, YUKKY I know, but we did find it, thank God!!

  2. Oh, Alice. I am so sorry. They told me mine had already gone to the giant dumpster downstairs. I gave up. You were so lucky.


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