September 2, 2010

Oh...Look at Lunch!

Look at the size of that box.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Long hours again, but he discovered it was a computer glitch that was giving him a schedule from Orange County to the border. There is someone working North County who wondered why he was being given the border. Dinner with D, and time for Top Chef after downloading his estimates till 9.

Herself: with the quilt blog too: The J2’s let us know that Lee’s cancer has spread everywhere, and he’ll be leaving the hospital for hospice soon.
I went to shuffle books and found it was inventory day. I would have been there to help earlier, but I forgot. Oh, guilt be my name. I did get a new children’s book display up…right in the front too. Fun. Came home and talked with Lee. Dinner with D. and time for Top Chef to start before dozing off in the middle of it.

My Babylonian Captivity: Do stop in and read Tugster's experience as a human shield. He writes that, “ i was captured in kuwait (where i was teaching in the kuwaiti air force)….”

Gratitude: Lee. Books….I featured children’s books today.

Oh, look at this. Oh, take a moment to follow these links and delight yourself on memory lane.

Here I was, not at all slaving away on the newest poem, as always afraid to stir up the words here and there, so I took a break to ease the stress. You knew I would.

First I stopped by The James Beard Foundation blog: Delights and Prejudices. You know me and blogs. Why my eye found the link for Back to school: Smithsonian’s history of the lunch box I didn’t know, but it did. I didn’t know either, that the Smithsonian now had blogs much less a food blog Oh, how delightfully right up my alley.

I love food. I like history. I knew kids lunch boxes had moved way beyond the grey workman’s box I used to carry every day. The thermos always leaked. No hero’s on my box or in my box. I didn’t even like my grade-school lunches…they made me sick.

My fingers easily found the link for lost lunch boxes of previous generations, and the entertaining boxes of my kids generation. Oh, look, even my friend Jack had his own lunch box. I never knew that. Amazing.

Today, most workmen use big plastic Igloo sorts of things. Small fry like me use foam insulated square bags. The lunches may be colder and offer less chance of food poisoning, but there’s no imagination left at all.


  1. I had no idea the Smithsonian had a lunch box collection. I too had a mini-workman's lunch box in dark blue. My thermos didn't leak but I broke it with fair regularity. Often fed my unappealing lunch to the neighbor's dog on the way home. Not a big eater then anyway, boy has that changed.

  2. Lunch boxes were fun, but I never cared much for lunch. Breakfast is okay and necessary, but has a certain sameness. Dinner is the reward meal when you can have something really nice.

  3. I have a pink pirate lunch box! I know that comes as a huge surprise.

  4. I remember having a garage sale and selling my kids' old lunch boxes. They got scooped up by somebody who was collecting them.

  5. oh, lunch! I thought it was a generator!


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