September 15, 2010

Reading Not Thinking

Bee discussing plans for her newest series.

Michael dropped Bee off on his way to his dentist in Mexico yesterday morning. She brought great bags of things with her for the cancer center….she’s still winnowing out clothes she doesn’t wear. Her feet are a little smaller than mine, and she’s changed her lifestyle so she now wears a size ten. Darn.

Art, we talked art. She’s doing bland, abstract backgrounds with hyper-realistic inserts. This is going to end up with some truly knock you out stuff.

After they left, phone calls rerouted the poetry group to Kennett’s ending Marion’s leadership. I disintegrated into misery and depression. I ran errands with my leaking eyes driving up to pick up Marion B’s poems to take them to Kennett’s house for editing.

“Do you want me to come up?” I asked calling up to the top floor.

“Not necessary,” she replied down the stair well. The poetry notebooks were by the front door.

I stopped by the Discovery shop to drop off Bee’s things and the rubbing of my eyes made them worse. In a blur I drove to Kennett’s, and still thinking about Marion, Terry, Janie, and Lee, I drove home determined to sidetrack my thinking for a few hours.

I read all afternoon stretched out in my chair, I ate stretched out in my favorite chair, and upstairs, I took the book and stretched out unthinkingly on the bed while reading and watching the last years’ season finale’s of both NCIS’s. This morning, the thinking is stilled for a while.


  1. I'm not sure what peace, what comfort, if any, I can offer you and I'm truly sorry for that.

  2. Holding a spot for you somewhere in the cosmos - the place where this all makes sense. I know it's there. I hope I can help you find it.

  3. You have such a load to carry right now. Sending you my best thoughts and prayers that the load lightens soon.

  4. My thoughts are with you during this time.

  5. Good for you to take care of yourself. Whatever it takes, do it. You need to keep yourself as best as possible.
    Thinking of you-sending positive waves your way.

  6. Glad you are trying to quiet the mind of endless thoughts. All your blog readers are thinking of you and sending their best hopes. (There is no way that woman wears size 10---8 perhaps.)

  7. Keep the good stuff in mind. There's nothing you can do about the rest of it.

  8. Dear heart, my heart is with you, with Lee, with Marion, with you all.

    I can't figure it out either, but send my love for you all still.


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