October 22, 2010

Add Water and Stir

Cruising “Grand” in Escondido, 2009.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Too many hours again, but you would be proud of me for almost not saying anything. He finished by 0730. He likes his job……

Herself: …and the quilt blog too: Worked on a poem about growing old. Read it for the poetry group at lunch. They said it was awfully gloomy, but I note they all, in unison, laughed at the ending punch line. Just for a moment, I saw Marion over my shoulder walking toward us dressed all in black. No reply from her family for any of our inquiries. We will have a small gathering of our own probably at Katy’s house. As I grow older, I understand that Obituaries, funerals, memorial services, and that sort of thing are for the living. Did computer stuff, chili for dinner, and remembered to pick up the passports on my way to the group at noon. Mikey did really well with his first chemo. OD still burping as of 0830 today.

My Babylonian Captivity: Do stop in and read Tugster's experience as a human shield. He writes that, “ i was captured in kuwait (where i was teaching in the kuwaiti air force)….”

Gratitude: Friends….special things friends.

  • One thing that was pointed out to me this week is that I need to be more flexible when looking at new things. Right now, health is my number one concern. My aerobics instructor, and others in the class, pointed out to me that I may have been dehydrated when I collapsed. Not only do I take BP meds, I eat a light breakfast and drink a (small) pot of coffee every morning…a diuretic. I limit my water the night before, and I don’t drink any water in the mornings. Habit. Obviously not a good habit too. So starting yesterday, I began drinking water at dawn. I was up four times in the night, and that was one thing I had been attempting to avoid, but I appear to be hydrated now. This morning, I drank water before dawn, and a glass sits next to my computer as I type. I felt shaky after the pool yesterday, but didn’t get dizzy or collapse. Perhaps that was just because I was appallingly out of shape. Progress.

  • Cards. Ever since the sixties, I’ve had my cards read once a year left over from living as a wild hippy mother of two with two jobs while carrying 12 units. Did I say that. My friend Don D read my cards, and his predictions always proved on the nose. When he moved north, I’d go to the fair and have my cards read by one of those professional card readers that I had to pay. I valued those readings far less. Usually, I’d note the reading in my journal and promptly forget it. This year, after an insensitive boor at the pool grabbed my hand, looked at it, and said I had seven more years to live, I had wanted to ask the cards just that question. This year, I have a very spiritual woman doing the readings. Plural. How much I value these, I don’t know. She has her own way of handling the cards, and I don’t know if her way invalidates the results or not. No random shuffling. All the cards are upright. Multiple readings guided by the cards….with one more of these in two weeks. I was allowed to shuffle the second time around. The cards are taking their time about the answer.

  • Museum time tonight. Captain Poolie, G’s imaginative boss at the Automotive Museum is running one heck of a dramatic new show of Californian cars, and tonight is the big moment. Kaboom! Bank! Clash! Zap!!! All the bells and whistles are out on display. See the Geezers blog now for photos of this treat. We will don our best car clothes and bring our cameras to share pictures with you tomorrow. Bam!!! KazaM!


  1. my sister reads cards on occasion....I haven't asked her to do that for years....and we have a woman in our area who "reads" the person and gives you a cassette tape of it.....hmmmm. perhaps I could make an appointment w/her again.

  2. I know that everyone views superstitions differently, but I am not one to put any faith in colored cardboard nor strangers who take my money after moving the cardboard around. I look into the eyes of the osprey or the deer or the formation of the clouds and learn more about me and them that way.

  3. This is a very good reminder. I'm going downstairs and get a drink of water right now! Thank you for the advice.

  4. Wasn't sure what you mean by 'carrying 12 units'.

    I think the idea about being hydrated is a good one. Because I work out so much, I drink a lot of water. When I don't, I can really tell the difference in the way I feel and also in the texture of my skin.

    I've had my cards and palm read a couple of times. It amazed me that everything they said actually came to pass. I enjoy stuff like that.

  5. Water is so very important. I drink plenty but still not enough. The older I get the more my skin wants me to drink more. My father has collapsed several times from being dehydrated. The EMT told me that I could tell by pinching the skin on the back of my hand. If it went right back into place I had plenty of water in my system. If it stayed pulled and pinched and only slowly went back into place, it meant that I needed water. I use that rule today.

    Glad you are drinking. :)

  6. I have never had my cards read...but a woman named Meadow once did my astrology charts. I blew it off, until almost everything came true.

  7. Ah! Thanks, Maggie! We refer to 'units' as 'credits' (what your people call maize (really sorry -- an old, old TV commercial -- (that was written into MODERN FAMILY the other night!))

    One year I needed to be re-certified to teach. Our kids were 11, 10 and 7, I was long-term subbing in a middle school -- grade 7 English -- and taking 21 credits at Loyola (nights and weekends) in one semester. I almost lost my mind.


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