October 30, 2010


Life is quiet. Just for this moment. Today I was thinking about going and looking at Steam Punk costume patterns. Monday one can buy tickets to Comic Con.

A letter came from the DMV saying that I need to come in and take the driving test. Not the eye test and not the written test….is that the law test, just the driving portion. I’m sure the examiner has ridden in far tireder vehicles than Grumpy. I just wish I could get it over with today instead of the 18th of next month. I confess that I’m scared to death.

I managed to divert myself from thinking about this at five this morning instead concentrating on a Costume for Comic Con. For I confess, I was a costume wimp at the party last night. In this crowd of costume over achievers, I was a wash out. G was a hit when he explained he was the Foster Farms chicken, but I vanished into the background. I shan’t at Comic Con.

No, I don’t want to make all of my or the Geezer’s costumes. Look at the ornate metal hoop the center top lady is wearing. How about the metal work in the costumes below. Not me. But I can make parts and bits and orts while buying the rest. For instance, I want those glasses on the top lady’s hat. My friend Poolie has a pair, and I confess I have Steam Punk Glasses Envy.


  1. Wow! I'm impressed. I was never great at costumes. These people are real costume geniuses.

  2. My children have participated in the one here in Portland, my daughter-in-law loves it. This year they're not going, too crowded, not as good as it once was, you know how it goes. A season for everything.

    I think you should go all out.

    I confess if I had to take the driving test I would surrender my license. I'm a wimp. I hate driving anyway.

  3. I cannot wait to see your costume! How fun that will be! And just remember to be confident when you take that test.

  4. I am a wash out, too. I just never get dressed up for stuff.

    I am, however, totally bowed by the fact that you COULD sew your costumes, totally, if you so choose.

    AND A woman who is THAT talented, can quilt, write poetry, and hold it all together during a very trying year can pass her driver's test. Have courage, Maggie. I have confidence in you!!

  5. Awesome!!!

    And good luck on the driving test!

  6. Grumpy will get you through it. You're so used to each other I'm sure you'll ace it.

  7. Oh good luck with the driving test. I'll keep everything crossed.
    Just tell yourself that you have as much right as anyone to be on the road and you are a far better driver than a lot of folk on the road today.


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