October 31, 2010


Dear K,

Another question....she says always hating to bother you.

I've found another Award/contest that I want to enter, and one of the requirements confuses me.

Here is the description of the award from the Poetry Society of America (which Kennette says is a very political institution):

Robert H. Winner Memorial Award

# Award 8—Robert H. Winner Memorial Award
Established by the family and friends of Robert H. Winner, whose first book of poems appeared when he was almost fifty years old. This award acknowledges original work being done in mid-career by a poet who has not had substantial recognition, and is open to poets over forty who have published no more than one book. Send a brief but cohesive manuscript of 10 poems (up to 20 pages). Please include year of birth on cover page. Previously published work may be included in your submission; include acknowledgment of publications on your cover page. Poems entered as part of a Winner manuscript may be entered individually in other PSA contests, but NOT if they are previously published.

Question: Here it alludes to "cover page" in the singular.

Problem: that confuses me under "guidelines":

Awards Guidelines

How to Submit:

* Submissions must be sent in duplicate.
* For each individual contest the entry must include two copies of your submission.
* Each entry must have a separate cover page or your submission will be disqualified.

The cover page must include:

Email (if available)
Name of the Award
Title and First Line of first (or only) poem in submission



For the Robert Winner award where I am submitting 10 poems, does each single poem have to have a cover letter. I would think so as each poem is different and so each cover letter would have a differing title and first line. Your dithering friend.....

…who enthusiastically thanks you for pondering this. :)



  1. My guess is that this is for every 20 or less poems you have compiled...but I have never done this, so you should get other opinions.

  2. Here's my guess, only a guess, like Tabor's, one cover sheet per collection of up to 10 poems, no more than 20 pages total. Then you must submit two copies of that collection, each with its own cover letter. If you have more than 10 poems you have to submit another entry of that collection in duplicate each with a duplicate submission cover sheet. Just a guess. Those intructions are not very clear, poetic license? Yuk, yuk!

  3. I am thinking the same you have to send 2 copies of everything and that would be a cover sheet with each batch of 10! Guidelines are meant to be confusing--I think-I have never submitted poems but manuscripts and artwork...have a huge pile of refusal letters to show for my trouble!

  4. I'm confused, too and haven't a clue. Just wanted to wish you good luck! I hope you win!!

  5. I would go with Celia before my brain starts hurting.
    Best of British luck with it:)

  6. I think these directions are very poorly written. I'm having a problem with the 'duplicate' thing, but also with this: "Poems entered as part of a Winner manuscript may be entered individually in other PSA contests, but NOT if they are previously published." I've now read it 10 times -- and still finding it confusing.

  7. I think whoever wrote those directions was trained by the Head Instructor of the 'Filling Out Forms Division" Of the United States Government.. Good luck..


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