October 12, 2010

Domestic Me

Laundry, tidy, dryer, tidy, laundry, the mantra of a Monday. After I talk with Bee on Mondays, I pickup after me. Not the Geezer, mind you, but me.

One paper has a tendency to grow into ten. One project that starts in a small space has this magic ability to spread itself to cover all desk and table spaces. Ditto contents of purses, pockets, and boxes and bags.

I forgot to dust the rafters.

Why is that important? Merry the Maid is very short. She does well at eye level but not at cathedral ceiling level. I have a long handled duster, and G has a painters extension pole. If you want me, after the dentist I shall be continuing my domesticity with soupcons of that last Harry Potter intermixed with the removal of garlands of hanging dust.

I'm really enjoying these quiet moments.


  1. Having spent the morning clearing up the 'upstairs' after all the medical palaver I share your satisfaction at 'getting straight'.

  2. Paper = rabbits. Just two and you are screwed.

  3. I'm glad you're enjoying the quiet moments. I also love the word 'soupçon'! :) Reminds me of the character Diane Chambers on CHEERS!

  4. I have that same one paper = ten problem that you do. You should see my desk! On second thought, no! You shouldn't!


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