October 20, 2010


Hello, hello…are you there?

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Drove out there in the rain all day in the car and the tires are down to their wear marks. 300+ accidents out there folks.

Herself: …and the quilt blog too: Puttered. Missed OD. It’s been down for 5 days now. For me that’s worse than Facebook being down for five days.

My Babylonian Captivity: Do stop in and read Tugster's experience as a human shield. He writes that, “ i was captured in kuwait (where i was teaching in the kuwaiti air force)….”

Gratitude: The rain was wonderful. Hope was better still.

The rain was simply wonderful. Drumming on the roofs, spattering on the deck umbrella, the rain gave us a wet world where usually this time of the year we bake in the sunshine. Sheets of water ran down the window glass. The skies were a black sky background to a day spent puttering.

I loved all of it from the hiss of the tires outside on the street to the dark world I could see through the trees.

I would piece blocks together talking to myself the whole while. As in, “Why ever did you think fuchsia and cadmium yellow medium were colors that would go well in a blue quilt?” Or, “why did you piece these yellow and black fabrics into squares. Two and a half inches by two and a half inches made up out of three separate bits of fabric? Common now…..”

I would read a while in the new Bujold Vorkosegian volume often looking up to enjoy the dark, wet world outside. I thought the story started really well, dumpt us in the mundane, then as the day went on it picked up the pace. Boy did it ever pick up the pace. When my scattered brain lost its focus, I would go back over to the machine and take up piecing blocks again.

Briefly I took a break. I jammed two browned pork chops into the oven with their apple halves on top like crowns. After a valiant search through the new pantry shelves for the soup cubes, I was able to make rice pilaf. Worst of all, I discovered that we have an extremely limited variety of salad dressings in the ice box. Blech. Who wants the same old tasting salad night after night.

Laughing at myself seems to be my new job these days. I worked out in the pool and almost collapsed when I got home. I suffered the fool who thought cadmium yellow medium was really blue. And dinner was flat out delicious despite my doubts. Best of all, I talked with Bee who has hope back. It gave me hope. I laughed with her.

Today I drive myself to the Discovery Shop. They give me hope too.


  1. Oh how I envy your rain! We have had .2 of an inch so far this month. I have a feeling OD got hacked again-that's the only reason it has been down this long before. So happy that you are able to drive again.

  2. Yes,, I agree. It's been five days. But the DM hasn't upgraded the facebook page, so one has to wonder what's happening. Good to see you gel.

  3. I will be a truck person today.

    Muchas Smuchas
    Yer Geeeezer

  4. Hope is a wonderful thing.
    I love dark, rainy days, too. Just like to cozy up with a book and an afghan (a blanket, not a dog or person! :)).

  5. Safe inside while the weather carries on, good feeling.

  6. Lots of gentle rain today and since we re-seeded the lawn this fall it is most welcome. I always thought it was somewhat vain to talk to oneself (as if what you think is so important you have to say it aloud). But I now find myself talking to myself a lot of the time, I just don't always listen!

  7. What a good dose of rain and hopeful conversation with a friend... the day has a wonderful note to it.

  8. I love getting to read you here. Poor diary master. Hoping something wonderful will come of this delay, new feathers (haha I meant to type features!) something.


  9. Hi there! This is Rick B. from FB...Dave, from OD...I'm glad I found you here. I've missed your entries...
    I love that picture. It made me smile...and BTW; laughing is a good job to have, methinks. :)

  10. the only way to have an intelligent conversation on a rainy day IS to talk to yourself! seedys

  11. Yay for the rain that blesses our hearts and minds.


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