October 23, 2010

Marvelous Metal

1939 Pontiac Chieftain.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Much slowed Thursday by an online training. Spent so much time dodging from one end of town to the other, he never got all his estimates sent in yesterday either. One, perhaps illegal, sent him to three addresses before letting him see the wrecked truck. Perhaps they also checked him out at each address.

Herself: with the quilt blog too: I opened the closet door to try on my long, good dress only to find mold. Perhaps that’s why I have been coughing. Mold not on everything, just on those dresses I never wear. This gave me a chance to wash those long things that were washable, and get rid of my black suit jacket that I haven’t worn in ten years and the long black dress with glued on bangles too. Two good dresses and one skirt are off to the cleaners. The joy of it all is that I can get into the one dress. Today the Smith estate sale in La Jolla playing looky loos and grabbing a cheep free standing lamp to warm my closet. Later we are off to see Reds. Something to make us smile.

Gratitude: Everyday I am grateful to and for friends….special things friends.

The Geezer had a tough day yesterday. Despite learning that his probationary period was 90 days and therefore his vacation would be unpaid, he was smiling when he came to pick me up for the car show opening.

Stunning things those cars. Most of the owners were there to take their much deserved attaboys and pats on the back.

Some cars, like the orange Mercury, took almost thirty years to restore. Some were restored to original by professionals. No matter how they were done, the end results were flat out stunning.

The museum, and it’s leader, the Great Captain Poolie, did a splendid job putting the vehicles in perspective….the car culture of California on display along with the metal. Jack in the Box, a native San Diego Corporation took a major part in the funding as well as the donating to the display. There was the last Jack in the Box head. There was a menu board…tacos for 25 cents. I’d order two if I were cruising the Broadway Jack. My favorite was the shrimp….obviously frozen, small, and flat, I loved them.

We had fun. The food was good. Deserts were from Jack…that chocolate fudge cake was really good, she says speaking as a chocoholic, and the Geezer schmoozed with a new docent while I took acres of pictures more of which I will show you all week long.


  1. All the work and love that went into those vehicles, so glamourous.

  2. Fascinating and really pretty!

    Funny how then we could really tell the difference between car makes and models. They seem so unique.

    And don't get me drooling over fudge cake....

  3. We love cars and car shows,too. I would have loved to have been with you when you saw that orange Mercury and what is that green car in the last picture?

    We went to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn a few years ago and they really have the old historic cars there.

    One car that was heart rending was the big Dark Blue Lincoln convertible that Jack Kennedy was riding in in Dallas that fateful day. I couldn't take my eyes off of it; it was so compelling.

  4. Thanks for the photos! Amazing shots!

  5. What remarkable colors on the cars. Art and I were noticing how almost all the cars on Oahu are white or silver. Makes it very hard to find our car. Fantastic photos of the car show!


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