October 9, 2010

Moments of Triumph

The sun is peeking out. Oh joy. Later in the day, watery sunshine will turn to warmth…while I am doing laundry. G works at the museum today chasing small children off marvelous cars. I’ll read blogs, run down two flights to fold laundry, and run up again.

I actually managed to sew a few seams yesterday until the confusion factor left me wondering. I’ll fix one wandering seam later today and hope I remember where I ground to a halt in the whole.

I actually managed to fix a pretty good dinner out of the ice box. I served it all on screaming chartreuse dishes….that are smaller than our usual. We got less food.

Sometimes there are moments of triumph that don’t strike you till later.


  1. Yes, there are -- many of them! And substantially less obvious than the one pictured!!

  2. You can come visit mine, dear Poolie.

  3. Good for you, Maggie! Enjoy tomorrow, too!

  4. Smile. Yes, small triumphs indeed. Love the photo in context to the text.

  5. What a great post...you are so observant and the photo is perfect.


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