October 11, 2010

Once Upon A Time

We stopped to give her all the Christmas stuff out of the back of Grumpy then went out for a donut.

While we gave her a check to pay for the rental truck and she gave us the final payment on her Ford, MJ happily ate her handpicked donut.

Grampa and MJ walk toward the now fully owned truck while MJ’s mom says that she just traded her motorcycle for her truck. We think it a very good trade indeed.

“You are way too funny, Ma,” Lessa laughs as her Ma takes a picture through two sheets of glass.

Look, there goes Lessa riding off into the future while her Ma goes home to deal with the wreckage of her own past while cleaning MJ’s moldy baby quilt. Ma too lived a pretty dissolute life. This moldy baby quilt brought it all back, but the gloom was lightened with the news that Mikey might not have bone cancer. We will know more on Wednesday.


  1. Quite the celebration, that doughnut looks like it's a big as her head. ;-) Hopeful news about your friend.

  2. I avoid doughnuts at all costs...I can't stop once I start.

  3. I had two.........oh more guilt. LOL

  4. Gracious! That is a huge donut for a little girl.

  5. mmmmmm! donuts! What a wonderful day-treats for all it seems!

  6. That picture of MJ with the donut is too precious. You need to frame it. It's wonderful.

    But aren't you glad you're in such a good space now? Both your girls are also coming out of that bad space. You deserve a lot of credit. You've come a long way and so have they. Now you are a positive example for them.

  7. The doughnut looks scrumptious and it's nice to see MJ attack it with such enthusiasm!
    Hopeful news about Mikey!

  8. Great news about your friend....and now I need a donut.

  9. Fingers crossed dear.
    Everything is bigger in the US - especially donuts:)


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