October 27, 2010

Out, Out....

Perhaps there should have been before pictures too. Pants, purses and hats to the right of us. 2010.-

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Was able to find quiet spots under trees or bridges to do his downloads during the day. He only had one wreck to do on his computer after dinner.

Herself: with the quilt blog too: I never got out of the computer room closet yesterday. Dinner entre was frozen and a salad went with it. I tried the new Kraft “Green Goddess” dressing, and it was really great. Both NCIS programs to end the evening. Reading: Michael Palin’s Diaries, the Python years.

My Babylonian Captivity: Do stop in and read Tugster's experience as a human shield. He writes that, “ i was captured in kuwait (where i was teaching in the kuwaiti air force)….”

Like: Could you please take a moment on Facebook to “LIKE” the American Cancer Society’s Point Loma Discover Shop My cousin J said she was lost with this. Perhaps I am wrong, but it’s just a way to get the word out about something on Facebook.

”Oh, I’ll just vacuum the floor,” I said to myself about my closet. Mold grows on dust. Putting it back together was the goal. After emptying the vacuum, does she not do this?, I began to think about mold spores. They spread. I moved those two moldy dresses.

I moved everything else out, wiped it all down, found all sorts of things I’d forgotten, and had begun to put things back when my youngest arrived.

Did I have a larger print size Spanish/English-English/Spanish dictionary that Mohave could use? I had Gimpa’s fragile old hardbound that he used to learn Spanish when I was a kid. Too heavy? I had a full sized paperback…that would do.

Would she like my hankies? She was ecstatic. I’d been collecting them for almost thirty years. Could she use my film Pentaxes? We had switched to digital after our trip to Europe in 2001. She took them both under the guise of letting Mohave have them…but I know she mourned the loss of her own Ashi Pentax when her house had been broken into.

Now high on the top shelf in a plastic box is what’s left of my treasured childhood doll. “My name is La La,” it says on the front of the box. Next to her are my last pair of heels. Boxed identically to the doll, the label reads only “Black DKNY heels.” Nothing about last memories, loss of youth, or less padding on the bottom of the feet.

The clothes are in order, the purses padded, the dreams are in lines, and the mold is defeated for the moment. We live at the beach. It will begin creeping back tomorrow.


  1. Such a touching write up of something so plain as cleaning out the closet. You should take this and fill it out and make a short story. It is really full of feelings.

  2. Pushed the like button and it worked fine for me.

  3. I liked it, also. And I like your story.

  4. Nothing feels better than right after you have cleaned out a closet...until the next few days when the clutter starts to re-produce again!

  5. I'm impressed! Great job on that closet.
    Did Green Goddess disappear for a long time in your area? I haven't seen it here since the 70s! I love it. Sabastiani also had a Green Hungarian wine that was exquisite. I haven't seen that either!

  6. I'm in the process of cleaning out my closets and cupboards but their not nearly as organized as yours --and I envy you that. I'm with Tabor -- it would make a great story!


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