October 14, 2010

Postcards from Real Life

Third time with this rose through Photoshop, 2010.

There are those moments, those frozen in time moments, that one does not forget.

I again picked up my mess because one of the women poets, Katy, was to stop by mid day. Then for a while I alternated working in Photoshop with the roses and working in word trying to save some of Marion B’s magic to my hard drive.

She drove all the way here just to look at my manuscript, and, after she said it looked good, she asked why I was taking Marion’s OD diary down.

“Because Marion asked me to “close it”,” I had to reply. It hurts to do this, and rereading her pieces they seem even better than I remembered. I hear her voice in my ear as I read the work….tho I didn’t tell Katy that. “I’ve asked the DM to insert a piece about Marion’s death in the OD News column, repeatedly, but I have not heard back. I wrote again yesterday,” I told her.

“I’ll let the writers group know so they can come one last time to view it,” she told me.

So I will leave it up another few weeks.

Second time with this rose through Photoshop, 2010.

As I was finishing the top rose, Bee called. The results of Mikey’s latest scan are not good. The cancer has spread to his bones, and though they will treat it aggressively with chemotherapy, he has only a year to live. Bee and I cried together, and I was still crying when the Geezer got home.

First time with this rose through Photoshop, 2010.

It was Cruise Sale day at AAA…we use their travel agency. So off we rushed, my eyes still red and my soul still dark, to book a Christmas Cruise on the Oosterdam into the Sea of Cortez. Dinner out to celebrate left my carefully crafted leftovers for tonight instead. I think despite a three day stay in the refrigerator it should be ok. I slept terribly with my mind full of the Geezers sixteen hour days and Mikey’s impending struggle.

Original photograph, 2010. I cropped that rose very closely twice, I took out the man, blurred the background, sharpened the picture twice, and increased the contrast greatly. Lastly I took the "Dodge and Burn" tools, and used them carefully. Look at the top two roses....the very top one is just a bit more dramatic than the one below it


  1. Love your rose. It's amazing what you can do with cropping. I seldom do it, because I'm just taking snapshots, but you have inspired me.

  2. The cruise is balm for your weary soul.

  3. I wish you lived nearby and we could go over Photoshop together (although all I have is elements). Sorry about the cancer diagnosis. This only makes one feel helpless and part of some master disaster plan, doesn't it?

  4. I came to visit via Poolie's blog and her high recommendation. I like it, I like it very much. I will be back.

  5. I had so hoped Mikey's news would be better. I'm sorry, Maggie, I really am.
    I hope you find a lot of peace and tranquility on that cruise.

  6. I just checked out the Oosterdam and the Sea of Cortez cruise and I think if I plan carefully enough, I will be able to stowaway in one the the life boats.

    Will you please bring me a drink and a sandwich once in a while? Boat #24..

  7. :O So mush Information :O … This really is he MOst Astounding Site DUDe…

  8. Oh, Nancy. I'll bring deserts too. I promise. I cross my heart. I just wish I could find you on the web so I could send pictures too. Just thhink, now we have to pay off the credit card. LOL Hugs.


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