October 1, 2010

Rain, Rain

Alaskan village, 2009 in the rain.

Rain, thunder, huge bolts of lightening. The city was awestruck by the drama of it all.

I watched the showers power across the city in waves yesterday from the sixth floor office of my doctor. The thunder shook the building. The doctor read everything, listened, still thinks it might be heart while I wonder if allergies might be involved, had me do the DMV eye test and sign the papers, and let me go a free woman out into the world.

Thirty to a probably 60 days until the DMV calls me in to take all the tests for my driver’s license. Was it the sixties when I took them last? I am terrified of the test but elated at being free at last.

I only gained two pounds in these two weeks of incarceration.

No. Ross downtown doesn’t have bathrooms for shoppers. Right next to the front door sat a homeless man with his pants pulled up to show the weeping sores on his blackened legs. Right inside the door stood security who I asked about the bathrooms….needed by any fool shopper with IBS. Me. It’s a good thing I asked as Ross always triggers an attack.

More changes. The transit system, MTS, has gone electronic. I now have a 30 day electronic pass that lets me just tap my card on a bus, train, or trolley and off I go.

Heading home on the bus, I passed through zones of darkness and no streetlights, no power, to find the library, store, and house with power. It was hot and sticky when I got there….with wet carpet upstairs and damp shelves where the open windows gaped to let in the previous days heat. They let the rain in too.

I could hear Marion laughing at me in the background.


  1. Oops! sorry about the wet floors. I hate when that happens. About Ross not having facilities, I thought it was a federal mandate for any retail over a certain square footage to have a place for people to go. I remember once (I used to suffer from IBS-like symptoms too) when some store clerk told me they had no public restrooms that she had two choices, either let me use the employee lounge or clean up the mess that was about to ensue right there on the store floor! She directed me to the bathroom, and I've gotten braver and mouthier ever since when it comes to bodily functions! :)

  2. Your mind may know that your friends are gone, but your heart has not yet caught up. Take care of yourself.

  3. Reading this was like riding along in your thoughts. The world seems to be sharp on your radar. A difficult place you're traveling through. Take care of yourself.

  4. I missed the past two weeks. Must catch up on your incarceration. You will do fine on your test...just relax and get in the Zen mode. I can imagine your anxiety, but you and I both know it is not necessary.

  5. Wishing you peace and blessings as your life shifts to adjust to your losses and changes.

  6. The thing about some stores not having restrooms pisses me off -- pun intended!

    My son lived in San Francisco for about a year. He said that the infrequent t-storms made people run around in total panic.

    That public transportation pass thing sounds nifty. Now all we need out here is public transportation!


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