October 10, 2010


Matching hair cuts: Pete and the Geezer, 2010.

We had another one of those really good mornings. I’m left smiling. Yes, I bought one Christmas ornament…that’s how the Christmas ornament mess all started, you know.

He went off to the museum, and the phone began ringing. Nothing about Mikey, but Lessa and Lenora began tag teaming me on the telephone.

“I got it,” started Lessa. She found the quilt I made for MJ.

“She got all but the fabrics,” her sister told me.

“I didn’t need the really big truck,” Lessa said in another call.

I ate chocolate while finishing a Bujold and sewing. I felt guilty about the chocolate.

Lessa’s appearance at the old site must have stirred up something last week. She showed up with an army of helpers and a giant truck yesterday to find the place trashed, her belongings shredded, two cars missing, and her motorcycle wrecked and cut up.

They kept calling me. I kept answering until G returned and we headed off to Petco Park to pick up Pete….oh, I have missed his acerbic comments on life. Dinner with Pete at Brian’s was a perfect tying together of the day for me.

After dinner, G fed Don’s kitty while I waited in the car. She still stayed in the bedroom ignoring the blandishments of “Fancy Feast.” Today I will try sitting on the steps outside Don-the-vacationer’s apartment so the kitty can hear my voice.

When we got home, there was Lessa….and there I was telling her what a monumental act she just did. Major, huge, brave, and final. She walked onto a site where she was repeatedly beaten to a pulp to regain some small portions of her past, and she did it.


  1. Love the quilt. Laressa was very brave in taking that step. It was a big step. Good for her.

  2. Lessa made the right move as evidenced by the violent scene.

    Love the matching hair cuts.

    Don't feel guilty about chocolate -- ever!

  3. You are such an anchor in this sea of grayness and white caps that she is going through. I don't know that I understand all that L. faced in this, but you are wonderful to stand by her.

  4. Are Pete and Geezer at Brian's?

  5. The quilt is gorgeous. Lessa is brave returning to a place she was hurt. I'm afraid I'm not sure exactly what happened though. I hope she's OK.

  6. Here's to Lessa's new life and her courage. And, what is life without chocolate?


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