November 13, 2010


Child to college student.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Made his day go very smoothly, uploaded pictures first and multitasked to cut the work time in half. Came home full of good cheer. Flannel sheets and too small quilt, but we slept great.

Herself: with the quilt blog too: Swam, home to find whole house picked up, bed made, lunch made and waiting, plus the dishes were done. It was a great day thanks to G. I really dented the books and donations at the shop. Dinner salad, began reading Foote’s three volume “narrative” of the civil war.

My Babylonian Captivity: Chapter November 1 through November 7: Do stop in and read Tugster's experience as a human shield. He writes that, “ i was captured in kuwait (where i was teaching in the kuwaiti air force)….”

Carnival Splendor News: A link to today's News articles from our local paper: One woman arrested, and local economy benefits from disaster.

I’ve finished scanning the pictures of my father. On this page there seems to be an anomaly. In pictures, Gunny moves from Boy Scout to college with no record of the high school years. Something happened, and there are no words to explain the gap.

He graduated grade school in Seattle. I have his paper that says this. Nothing from his high school years at all. “Oakland” it says on the top of the page. I know that grandpa taught at Mills College, did he also teach at UC Berkeley? Gunny attended Berkley, and in the shot at the tennis court it clearly says Women’s PE. Grandma said there were no courts for men in those days. He had to sneak in with his friends to play.

He was good on the courts. He liked to fence too until tennis elbow shut him down. He had allergies, and his learning disabilities were so bad that his father wrote a book about how to learn. Hard won information learned getting Gunny through school but what schools?


  1. If only we had thought to ask the questions when someone with the answers was there. I am having the same trouble with my family history. Love the photos.

  2. A mystery but maybe the college has a record and a note of his high school!? I didn't ask questions either but when I was younger the ones with the answers still weren't answering, family secrets, many of which my sisters and I have ferreted out only to find more questions. Ha! Foiled again.

  3. These photos are absolutely precious. No photos of my father exist until he married my mother.

  4. I'm glad that you have some photos.

    Do you enjoy Shelby Foote? I once heard Bruce Caton speak at Gettysburg College.

  5. I see others have had the same problem I had when I was young (and my kids are probably going through it now) and not asking the questions I would have when no one was around any longer with the answers. I have one aunt 80 years old, so why am I not asking now ? Inertia! Too much catching up to do it all, so? I still suffer and will probably die from it.

    Hope you find some answers somewhere.


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