November 1, 2010

Monday Moments

Just the shirts mam. The great 2010 closet clean out.

  • Thank you Geezer for making the coffee. I sipped my coffee before I chatted with Bee appreciating every drop. Mikey’s feeling vastly better but has hives. Bee’s new series is beginning to work well.

  • Closed Marion B’s diary as per her wishes. I didn’t want to but understood.

  • 0700: To the pool. This is the week I add one more day in the water. I’ll be doing Monday, Wednesday, Friday this week tho I liked the emptier pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Drinking lots of water.

  • Most importantly of all, the Geezer cleaned out his closet yesterday. This is a huge thing for a man who as a child was only allowed a small box of stuff every time they moved. They moved often. Yes, those are silk Tommy Bahamas’ in the top picture. Yes, those clothing bags are three wide and four deep hanging in the garage. Yes too, two of those were mine, and I gave all but one item that was in them to the Discovery shop. Yes, also, that’s an after photograph next to it. Yes, the shot below shows the car filled to the headliner with G’s stuff. I’m so proud of him for getting rid of things he doesn’t wear, of letting go of stuff.

  • Today’s list: Mail package to Aaron. Check books at Discovery Shop. Call Doc for appointment about hip shot. Call Laka about a drive-by DMV trip and a ride there. Quilt. Dinner: quiche, tossed veggie salad, no-sugar chocolate for desert. Perhaps a cuppa tea. Wow!


  1. I think you should come and visit me and help me clean out my work room. At this point, even I am appalled at it.

  2. Wow, that is some serious work. Bless you.

  3. Wow! The two of you are really putting me to shame!

    Do you swim or do water aerobics? Either (in a heated pool) sounds really nice to me right now. About 10 degrees chillier than normal around here and freeze warnings are in effect for tonight. Glad I put the flannel sheets on the bed!

  4. I LOVE that blue and white shirt halfway down the pile.

    Where did you say that Discovery Shop was?

  5. Hi Nancy....just look in your phone book for the American Cancer Society Discovery Shops. We have several in town.

  6. Congratulations on the great closet clean-out! You know how much I love a clean and organized closet!

  7. I did a purge like that when I moved a few years ago. Time to do it again!

  8. Yea for letting go! It's a lot easier moving ahead when you're not so loaded down with yesterday's stuff.


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