November 8, 2010

A Numbers Kind of Day

1. Up in the rain at 0530, skim paper, and sip coffee till…..
2. I call Bee at 0600 and chat till….
3. time to go to the pool at 0700…
4. but swim only 40 minutes because….
5. I need to shower before heading to the dentist at 9…
6. where my new partial plate will be fitted…..
7. and out of there by 0930….
8. and by the market for eggs and canned tomatoes which I forgot Sunday….
9. then home to find G still there struggling with a supplement…
10. hugs kisses….talk with both Lessa and Lenora….
11. and write blog until 1100….
12. when it is, Wow…time for lunch and read blogs. No time for notes.
13. After lunch I need to make phone calls with questions…
14. for three folks….
15. and continue scanning Gunny’s baby pictures….
17. and make Aunt Minnie May’s Chili and Meatballs…
18. and toss a salad before himself get’s home
19. to find me sitting with honeyed tea and a book…
20. before dinner.

I’m warm, I’m dry, and right now I am happily retired. What more could one want.


  1. I agree completely. I do love retirement though I miss the teachers I used to work with.

  2. A very productive and interesting day. One of the parts of retirement I love the most is the freedom to be spontaneous -- just pick up and go to the store, drop in on the 'kids', or paint -- today I decided to paint the downstairs bathroom and the backsplash behind the stove. Got everything out -- I'll begin tomorrow morning.
    And Maggie, I love the perspective from that hill.

  3. If that is an accurate description of a routine retirement day, then sign me up!

  4. Sounds like the good life to me.

  5. a list poem always works for me. Nicely done. (well, it could be.)

  6. I forgot to say that I think that is a phenomenal picture.


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