November 5, 2010

Officer Chris Wilson

Procession for slain officer held yesterday. This link opens to a Union Tribune article. Thousands of officers paraded in over 100 degree heat to honor Officer Chris Wilson.

These are the headlines of every local news agency today.

I stood in a good sized crowd yesterday morning next to Engine 15 and watched some of the parade to honor Officer Wilson.

Quoting from the Union/Tribune, “Wilson, 50, died early last Thursday morning after being shot at a Skyline apartment. Two suspects were later found dead inside the second-story unit after a 7-hour SWAT standoff. Officers were called to the complex because probation officers and U.S, marshals, who had already arrested a probationer, believed a fugitive wanted for assault with a deadly weapon was barricaded inside.” The officers dog was wounded.

This link opens a NBC San Diego slide show.

I fell getting to the bridge, but kind folks helped get me up again. Slowly the pain went away as I stood watching the procession pass below me. The men of Station 15’s stood behind me on their rig their exhaust permeating the air.

Over 1000 vehicles from all over the country passed below us. On the bridge ahead of ours were the men from Station 22’s The firemen saluted as the family, governor, policemen, firemen, lifeguards, highway patrol, and, at last, motorcycle officers passed below us. Almost every unit or rig hit their siren as they approached both 22’s and 15’s. They waved too. The noise was so deafening that Lenora called later to ask if I had heard.

I was deeply touched by these men and this action. I knew many of these men. I’ve worked with them, and I care. They joke, they’re cynical, but they care and always work hard. They are members of a unique fellowship, and when they lose a member, all mourn together. It helps to ease the pain and anger from such a senseless death.


  1. Beautiful and touching, Maggie. I'm sorry for your community's loss.

    It's very much like our Highway of Heroes here in Canada - the repatriation of our fallen soldier in Afghanistan. I an working on a post about it for Thursday - Remembrance Day.

    Thanks for directing me to this blog. I hadn't realized you had two.

  2. I saw it on Friars Road. Very touching. What a terrible loss.

  3. A nice reporting of the incident. I heard about it briefly in then news and then, of course, it quickly became yesterday's news.

  4. Amazing and touching. Bless them all...

    My son worked out of the firehouse that lost a state trooper in a medivac helicopter crash. He and his firefighter brothers participated in this hero's funeral. Mike was stoic until the bagpiper's began to play "Amazing Grace".

    Are you okay from your fall?

  5. At 50 years, he must have had many years of service. A proper tribute.

  6. I'm so sorry for all this sadness. I'm glad you were OK after the fall. I think it's terrific that everybody took time to honor this brave officer.

  7. So sad, reminds us of the four officers slain here in Lakewood, WA last year. The honor parade was overwhelming. These officers are amazing people and their loss is huge.


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