November 3, 2010

Silly Me

Teddy HO!

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Early day with nothing written as programs not installed. Home to update programs and write. Still writing.

Herself: with the quilt blog too: Ate too much breakfast. Out of pool early. No shakeys. Books. Last few days of the sale. Ran stop sign….The second time I’ve done that ever. Hiding my head in shame. Home to play housewife and read. House looks good, everything is clean, and Mexican for dinner. Wednesday at dawn, doc about hip, shuffle more books. Life: Dinner with sponsee. Sounds like tomorrow will be another really good day. Third day taking part in NoJoMo....which isn't as complecated as writing a novel in one month. All I have to do is make a post a day....which I do anyway.

My Babylonian Captivity: November 1 through 7, 1990: Do stop in and read Tugster's experience as a human shield. He writes that, “ i was captured in kuwait (where i was teaching in the kuwaiti air force)….”

Oh, Questions: Why is the phone off the hook?

We have a land line and the receiver has one of those miles long curley cords. It isn’t in the middle between our computers. We hang it up…in the middle, by applying a rubber band to the disconnect lever.

See the rubber bands.

Our reality is jury rigged.

Question: Why do we have a land line?

Remember what happened to New York City on 9-11? The landlines kept working while there were no cell phones. We have both, and we live on a fault line.

Question: What’s that grey thing?

It’s a giant industrial sized surge protector that really, really works sandwiched between my grandfather’s Spanish/English dictionary and our friend Seedys.

Question? Teddy Bear?

Yes, three, there’s a Teddy bear in that top photograph who has since been straightened up a bit. G’s mother made Teddy Bears. One reason we have so many stuffed animals is that G’s mom made them. That particular Teddy Bear was made by G’s dad. He cut it out, he sewed it, he stuffed it, and he made the face. G keeps him around for company.

Question: Timer? Yes too, there’s a timer in that shot. What do we use it for? Laundry, that most important function which is happening two flights below us. Yes, too, there’s a lot more stuff in that photograph, but if you want to know more, ask the Geezer…his link is in the sidebar. It’s his corner.


  1. Oh, the phone! Many years ago I worked in an office with multiple phone lines -- I was the secretary, after all -- which I accessed via buttons on the phone.

    If I turned off all the buttons, it didn't matter whether or not the receiver was actually on hook. I could reach a button when it lit up and then pick up the receiver that way. (I would have had to stand up to reach the phone otherwise. Short woman.)

    I do like that sign, "senior moment in progress." I wonder if I oculd do one for my front door. 8)

  2. WE have both land line and cell and I use each just enough to justify keeping them!!

  3. I have both for the reasons you stated. I love seeing where y'all work.

  4. Nice to be able to picture where you all do your writing. Love the Teddy bears.
    We have a surge protector, too, but not one the size and 'fortitude' of yours.
    I prefer my land-line; hate my cell. I think, with a nod to the San Andrea Fault, you are VERY wise!

  5. How does one leave a comment on Geezer's blog? I'm confounded!

  6. Hmmmm.... I had not considered the phone thing. I gave up my land line years ago. I might need to reconsider.

  7. I love the teddy bear story. That's just the greatest.

    Watch those red lights. Don't you have a driving test coming up. Try not to run one then because the officer may frown on that.

  8. So cool G's parents both made teddy bears.

    I have cell and land line too, when we had a gasser of a wind storm a couple of years ago the land line still worked, the cell towers were OUT!

  9. We are probably the last generation that is going to have land lines. Liked the post for it was funny and quirky.


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