November 21, 2010

Stalking the Elusive Splendor

Top, the Carnival Splendor tied up at the Cruise Terminal the night before they towed her to 10th Avenue, Photo copyright RGB. Middle group: Photos of the Splendor tied up at 10th Avenue taken from the bay bridge. Bottom: One photo taken from the pier behind the Convention Center.

In the spirit of obsession, both the Geezer and I just happened to chase down the Splendor the night before she was we were on our way home. Yesterday, after she was moved to the 10th Avenue Terminal, we found a way to see her in her isolation a bit down the bay on our way to an estate sale. Not on the far side of the bridge, mind you, where the shipyards lie, but just before. “She was too tall,” they said giving measurements that I now don’t remember, “to fit under the bridge.”

There she sat, rather lonely looking, while in her previous berth the Carnival Spirit and, opposite her, the Holland American Oosterdam loaded passengers for their latest cruises. She’s won’t be an easy repair, and we will have months to catch more images of her.


  1. Behemoth is the only term that comes to my mind.

  2. Good answer, Tabor!!!

    Simply amazing photos!!!!

  3. We larger-sized ladies appreciate a little respect and appreciation, too. I feel badly for her being towed away in shame and defeat. Wasn't her fault, after all. She was just made that way.

  4. We heard about this when we were in California. It was really awful for the people stuck on the ship with no electricity and not very good food for a while. It gave them a story to tell though.

  5. Thanks for the wonderful photos of ships, boats and water. I enjoyed them.

  6. How cool that would be to see. And now I have, thanks to you.

  7. ITs Huge! Will be a great project to keep track of!!
    When I lived in NYC-I moved out of Manhattan to Brooklyn in a place by the water--the Ships had to sail right past us then under the Verranzano Bridge to reach the city...
    One sunny day I sat out on the patio, reading and enjoying the seagulls--Looked up to take break from the reading and quite as a mouse the Queen Mary II was gliding on the water headed out of the Strait to the open ocean. HOW quietly she sneaked up on me, it was quite a shock! THEN SHE BLEW HER HORN, and the ground shook!

  8. What a beautiful ship! And I love how you two are as enchanted with boats/ships as I!


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