December 27, 2010

At Sea

December 19, 2010

All that bacon appeared againon G's plates for breakfast. Only on shipboard do these mountains of bacon appear then vanish at light speed. After breakfast, I fit my exercises in, left the camera in cabin….oh guilt, found a spot to work in the library, got images transferred while spent an hour struggling with a new keyboard and wide fingers. Breathless.

Today is a sea day, so we are planning things like an hour in the Culinary Arts Center learning to make an apple something. Spending an hour learning how to do this or that while G naps is a good thing too. He looks so happy.

Before we left, his boss said he was number one in his region….number of wrecks taken care of in a month period, and the big boss chimed in to say that he was in very good odor. “I wish I had ten more of you,” was the parting phrase. We have hopes that he will have a job when we get home.

The Day in Review: Breakfast at the Lido then time to write in here before lunch. The keyboard and I fight for every stroke as there is no space between the “A” and the “Caps Lock.” Grrrr. . Toured kitchen. Lunch service very slow again, food really good. We puttered away the afternoon, full tea in dining room, and dressed formally for dinner. G gambled after dinner. I was ill and remained nauseated from this point on for the whole trip. G and I narrowed the problem to allergies either water or the air handling.


  1. I hesitate to comment when I know you have better things to do. But as I am frequently nauseated while traveling, I thought I should mention: sipping carbonated liquids (I like plain soda water for this) helps. So does a little candied ginger. You might ask the bartender if he has any ginger.

  2. Charming photos. Now I remember why I don't go to sea...nausea. I have become motion sick watching films, for goodness sake.

  3. I am so sorry you got sick! That is very sad. But it sounds like you pushed through it and had a grant time. The photo of you and Geezer is lovely! Both of you are dashing!

  4. Enjoying your photos. Sorry your tummy wasn't happy. A cruise is a bad place for that to happen.

  5. Oh oh on the seasickness. That's too bad but I hear it can happen to seasoned sea travelers on occasion.

    The photos look lovely.

  6. How handsome you two travelers look. I loved all the photos. Reminded me of our one and only cruise on NCL.....service was extremely slow for us too. We have traveled on Royal Caribbean 4 times and found it is our favorite.

  7. How distinguished and elegant you both are!!!

    What a bummer that you were nauseous! :(

    Are you referring to Francis Bacon (the mural)or bacon?? As I see none piled on a plate. Have I missed something?

  8. I was sort of the mind that KathyA was...Frances Bacon or real bacon. Looks like you may have to hit the gym more than once a day with all that delicious looking food. Great looking couple...cannot remember the last time I...or yah, at my daughters wedding almost a decade ago!

  9. Bacon....not Francis. George hears the call of the Bacon when ever a cruise ship nears. Mountains of the stuff alight upon his plate at any venue. Before I can say "Boo", it's all gone.

  10. Looks like you had an outstanding trip!!! I'm so glad!!!!


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