December 30, 2010

Cabo San Lucas

December 24, 2010

Cabo San Lucas captivates me with its stunning landscape. This day, the town means shoes to me not rocks and drama.

As we started off the ship, one foot became very painful. Perhaps my very old shoes had given up the ghost. No walking on these. With kind directions from several men in informational kiosks, and several more kiosks, and bus drivers, we figured out that bus stops were painted blue and shoe stores were all up one block and about five that’a’way on Main Street. No one spoke English. Our Spanish is limited. “Zapatos, por favor,” I would say pointing at my shoes.

Ah, confusion.

The people who live there shop there….and so did we. In the second shoe store, we found a pair of Nikes, “Forest Gumps” as G calls them…Men’s, size ten. White. That’s me.

As we sauntered back toward the harbor walk, we noticed more than one cruise ship had anchored near our ship the OOSTERDAM. The Regency SEVEN SEAS NAVIGATOR, one of the old R ships, was on the left, and the HAL ship ROTTERDAM was to the right. Being a ship person, I happily photographed ships with great enthusiasm.

Another formal Dinner where I scattered beads like confetti. I changed after eating so my fragile clothing didn’t continue to fail with each step I took, and off we went to a show filled with energy. Dinner not working well though the comedian and magician did work well.


  1. Those pictures are absolutely beautiful. I'm almost jealous -- until I remember I would have to take an airplane to get there 8-)

  2. Dear Harriet....take a ship. :)

    And I cannot access your blog.

  3. Nothing worse than sore feet. Well, there ARE worse things but not when your feet hurt.

  4. Oh Maggie! I would have been taking pictures of all the other ships, too. :)

    Cabo's coastline is beautiful.

    You're a smart cookie to have put all language difficulties aside and just gone for the Nike's. Good for you! And you've just given me an idea for a post...

  5. I visit you every morning, but somehow missed all those posts. So, I followed you to Puerto Vallarto today. It's the only way I'll ever get there. I like ships: small sailing ships, ferries, other such. I've only been on one "cruise" and won't do it again. Afterward, I knew I should have accepted the first drink they offered and kept drinking all 5 days. Only trouble is I don't drink.
    Love your pictures. Thanks for taking me along.

  6. What a wonderful world it is, so full of shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings! Great photos. A wonderful trip. Hope to see you soon in San Diego.

  7. I'm getting excited for our own cruise at the end of January....and how were the prices on the Nikes? Comparable?

  8. Ah, prices. The Nikes were priced just the same as they were here. No bargaining either. Darn. But my feet are happy. :)

  9. Aloha, Maggie. I have been scrolling through your blog. What beautiful photos! You are an excellent photographer.

    I tend not to like boats. Back in 1975, I sailed on a 27 foot sloop between the islands of Lanai, Maui, Molokai, and then back to Oahu. I was extremely seasick and hated the trip. I doubt I'll ever try a cruise for that reason!

    Lucky you don't to seem to get seasick!

  10. 'Stunning' also was the word that leapt to mind.
    I have a pair of French 'Aigle' trainers - no longer available and I'll be sunk without them.
    All best wishes for a Happy, Healthy 2011 for you and your family.

  11. What stunning pictures! and I see that a good time had to have been had by all!! Bad feet! Glad you didn't let them keep you down.


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