December 13, 2010

Five **** stages.

View off the stern of the Monarch of the Seas, 2007.

  • 0545: post picture. Talk with Bee at 6. head to the pool at 7. I got up half an hour early so I wouldn't feel so pressured this monday morning.

  • 0930: Eat yogurt, get dressed. Leave for cardiologist's follow up appointment with favorite dead watch in hand.

  • 1138: Set free by the doc who didn’t hear me say I had Dr’s office blood pressure, “Your blood pressure is a little high,” and couldn’t remember the name of the Holland America ship he was just on in the Caribbean, “The Veendam.” I’m now set loose and will see him as needed. Hopefully never! Hurrah! Made shopping list in office, got food and supplies for the week, but I forgot both the broken watch and the Geezer shoes that need to go Willy’s shoe shine palace. I didn't even care that the soap scum stuff top came off and it all spilled onto my truck seat. Someone put the trash bucket away we have gremlins?

  • 1436: Home after running the black shoes by Willy and listening to his, “don’t tell anyone” tale of woe. Took the watch by the jewelers. Battery good, band new, watch dead. Ah well. Took my body by a tourist place to get an OD Seagull to stick on Grumpy. That’s a tale of its own, suffice to say in the past I buy one and put it on a car….the car breaks down. Tired of Grumpy breaking down, I thought maybe reverse thinking would reverse Grumpy’s continual, very expensive, trips to his mechanics. Ran by Lenora’s house who laughingly cut out the gull and stuck him next to Stir Margaret’s red ribbon opposite my circle and triangle….stickers turn into codes on my rear window. Cruised the the cliffs, and picked up shoes from Willy at twice the usual price. Cranked up the music to KGB Classic Rock, and sang along with the high acid, heavy drugged stuff blowing out my speakers. Just what I needed….plus the workmen eying my truck with smiles. No wonder I used to crank up the music….you can’t hear the vee-hickle as it breaks down. Dinner’s laid out, and I am going to curl up with a Father Tim novel. Soothing stuff Jan Karon writes.


  1. Early? Did you used to be in the military?

  2. Oh heck!! Half the time I go to bed at 4!!! lol Insomnia is my middle name.

  3. Beautiful colours and lines in this photo.

  4. So what is your favorite yogurt? I am between them at the moment.

  5. Yes, Tabor, I was in the military, but I also worked for the two local sports teams for years. They do time on the 24 hour clock. Gee, Kay, I will get up a little earlier and you a little later and we will meet in the middle. Yes, Hilary....isn't that color just luscious. :) Dear Schmidley's, right now I like Fig. :)

  6. Pretend I am at the dock waving goodbye. Throw confetti to me, okay?

  7. Ahoy mates. Have a fantastic voyage. We'll catch up after Jan 1. Don't you just grind your teeth when a favorite watch bites the dust? LOL Carrie

  8. Not great when the doc seems to be suffering from dementia! Is this the same guy you said you have trouble connecting with?


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