December 26, 2010

A Full Circle

December 18, 2010

He woke at 4 just as full of life as any six year old and began packing. Half way through he discovered we had more stuff than the space allowed. When he came back upstairs after poking at the laundry, he was lugging a big grey suitcase that neither of us remembered owning. I’d over-packed the previous day making sure that I had hair brushes, but I cheerfully donated bags of shoes, and other awkward things tword filling the new grey bag. He called the cab, finished packing, and carried things down stairs.

Of course we ate earlier. Of course we were invited to one of those returning Mariner’s lunches. Not at all “of course,” I had an appetizer and a cup of soup. I didn’t have to have two of everything or even desert. This is progress over the attitude that gained me 18 pounds on the Alaskan trip.

We looked for Lenora and Mohave, lined up at our lifeboat station, watched the safety video, and felt virtuous. But for one important thing, after making a huge fuss about remembering to bring a hair brush, this proved to be the second trip on Holland America that I forgot my hairbrush. I dressed for dinner, and with my hair looking like a fright wig, I appeared at the main desk to plead stupidity. After they magiced up a hairbrush, I too felt like a four year old kid.

The Day in Review: Great Somali cab driver. On board in minutes. Lunch: food great, service beyond slow, found cabin, explored, unpacked, dressed, hairbrush….oh hurrah, dinner excellent but service beyond slow, bingo, show, bed.


  1. You're back!! Did you have a wonderful time?

    PS 'Tis Molly Malone!

    "Now her ghost wheels her barrow,
    Through streets broad and narrow,
    Crying, "Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh!"... :)

  2. Oh! Such fun! A post from you! How excellent! How exciting! More! More!

  3. Can't wait for more! So glad you are back safe and sound. Do tell...

  4. Sounds like a great trip. Now you have two hairbrushes. I have several and one is always packed in my overnight bag. (As an aside the gift I wrote about on my post had to do with little nano-bots to fight cancer which did not work as he lost the battle in the spring...just to let you know because of your comment.)

  5. That sounds like you were off to a good start! Welcome back ---wow how elegant the main room is--very posh!

  6. Those elevator doors are great. I would have spent all of my time standing and looking at them.

  7. Welcome back. Maggie!!!! We missed you!!!! Can't wait to hear about your trip!!!!

  8. So Lenora and Mohave joined you on the cruise? I know how important hair is; glad you conjured up a hairbrush after all. Nice pictures.


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