December 31, 2010


December 25, 2010

At Sea

Pirate ships waited in every port. Movies have a terrific impact on tourism here.

The sound of the rushing sea from the Azapods fills our ears.

We sloths slept in. Frankly we both woke around five our time then faded back into the arms of sleep till eightish. A time change and laziness will do that.

Toast and decaf…with lots of butter, and news from our flooded town….the flooded west coast and flooded friends too. The disembarkation talk then time to download pictures before lunch. Such a delightful slow day at sea. Outside the observation deck and library windows the sea is a dark blue endlessly wrapping itself around our hull.

Disembarkation talk and a farewell from the crew. The captain is on the far left up on stage.

I admit that I’ll miss this self-contained environment, this being waited on hand and foot, these acres of new books just a fingertip away. Then again, tho I have loved being spoiled, I have missed my home.

December 26, 2010


It was hurry up and wait. We didn’t mind. I did mind the long search for our baggage…parts here and parts there. The taxi. The house sparkling in the sunshine. Home. Laundry. Cold rooms. Mexican food for dinner. I had to laugh.

December 30, 2010

Happy New Year to All of You

My brain creeps toward the new….new stirrings , new motivations, and new awakenings. I want to go back to the formal writing classes that I’d abandoned for the poetry workshops. I want to write, not necessarily deep meaningful anythings, but while I send my last years words out into the ether, I want to be producing new thinkings of any form. If it takes the poking of familiar friends to do this, so be it.

The Geezer is happily settled into working way too many hours. He likes his job, his wrecks, all the stuff he works too many hours doing. Employee of the month, they told him yesterday. He completed more files than anybody AND was gone a week on a cruise.

We both need to remember Rule 62….”don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

I kick myself to jump start me into something new while finishing the old.

What are you doing that’s new this coming year?


  1. Your telling of this journey is so well done! You don't need to take a writing course, you need to teach one!

  2. Loved, loved, LOVED it....You have a wonderful way with words and you are a "smile maker". Happy New Year to you.

  3. I love your photos, I love your words. I want to know what kind of camera you use, please. Happy New Year.

  4. I've enjoyed the cruise! Also found your thoughts about writing interesting. I once did poetry classes but a poet I am not.

  5. I read your poem about dry eggs on TGB, Mage, and loved it. I second your idea to focus on your poetry. Sometimes I think the less we focus on "deep and meaningful" the more deep and meaningful they become. Some of my favorites are those trite ones like The Mouse On The Barroom Floor whom I like to identify with. If you aren't familiar with it, let me know. Anyhow, the best of 2011 for you both! You deserve it.

  6. You must be pleased as punch about G. being named employee of the year (or was it month?)! Whatever, congratulations! A very Happy New Year, may it be one of health and happiness, dear friend.

  7. I am not a cruise person...hate the thought of being confined in the ocean on anything...but your photos and stories looked llike so much fun!

  8. I, too, like that contained environment. But, like you Maggie, enjoy coming home as well.

    I've always wanted to attend the University of Iowa/Ames' writers program. Maybe someday, I will. Other things I'd like to do this year-- spend more time at the beach, meet some blogger friends for a cup of coffee, plant a new rose garden...

    Happy New Year to you and Geezer. I hope it's blessed and filled with love and wonderment.

  9. Beautiful!!!!

    Happy New Year, Maggie and G!!!!

    And welcome home!!!


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