December 29, 2010


December 22, 2010

Another bus tour today, only one step down from the ship and we found ourselves onboard a large comfortable bus. This “Deluxe” city tour honestly took us through neighborhoods where real people live. The dramatic juxtaposition between beautiful homes sitting next to burned and mold rotten homes is really shocking. Construction has halted on many projects, yet the city is clean and welcoming and the docks fascinating.

First to the main cathedral. A stunning building obviously built with love and care situated in the center of the old town.

From the cathedral to the coast. The coach let us out along another sculpturally decorated sea wall to watch divers fly into the sea. Another mercado, and afterwards the divers went among us with their hands out for tips. What a tough way to earn a living.

A famous author’s house collapsing into disrepair since his death. Another mercado…I resent these breaks to buy, buy, buy. Here diamonds….we marched across the street instead where I found a delightful scarf that perked up my endless succession of colorful dinner sweaters over black.

Our guide walked us around the corner to a pre-planned stop for dancers, rope twirling, and more flyers all surrounded by another mercado and or the performers themselves parading dolls, fabrics, and containers, and purses. I hadn’t known we were stopping. More tips. I’m learning.

Today in San Diego: I’m posting several of my trip logs asap so they will all be up before the new year begins. Back to work at the thrift store today too. Dinner out.


  1. Love the shuttle bus! Want to drive it!

  2. Fabulous!!! I am yearning to go to Mexico again.

  3. Thanks for the posts so quickly after your return. Love the swing! Don't know if I would go on one of those, but it does look like fun. Your back to the thrift shop, are you completely back to good health? Was your nausea something boat related?

  4. I'm drooling to take another cruise!! Great pictures - particularly the one of the boy and his colorful cloth.

  5. The mercado stuff bothered me as well. There we were in the middle of Pompeii and they wanted us to go through a cameo merchant. I sat outside in the courtyard, instead. I'm not a shopper.

    The cathedral is beautiful and I love that you took photos of the pilot boats and the tug!


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