December 29, 2010

Puerto Vallarta

December 21, 2010

Every day we sleep late then wake to sunshine. Such glorious stuff this warm sunshine. Reading that California is flooding, I feel only slightly guilty for myself but worry for our friends. This morning I ate a tiny breakfast that set well. Himself ate two. Who am I to argue as I am far more entertained by the world outside the Lido glass.

John Huston and his film “Night of the Iguana” have a lot to answer for. This paradise, this quiet and idyllic spot on the coast has been greatly altered since the making of the movie. Looking around, Puerto Vallarta seems to sit basking in the sun a golden smile on its fa├žade with friendly people and passionate colors at its feet. Outside of the moneyed district, Puerto Vallarta now resembles every other Mexican town we have ever seen.

We bussed to a sculpture lined beach to watch the Flyers climbing their pole, winding their ropes, then letting the flute player perched on top sing them into circles in the sky.

Feeling terribly brave, I ambled behind G through the old town, through the charm of The Basilica of Guadalupe, and down cobblestoned streets. The Basilica was stunning. It’s a dramatic mixtures of styles built over a 45 year period. Much of its adornment came from Europe. Carrera marble floors and paintings done by an expert from Italy. Beggars waited just outside the main doors as did a fund raising group with table and flyers. An old woman…huddled and waiting, a middle aged lady with dolls to sell, children with candy, grandpa with dolls…endless poverty contrasts against the song to god.

Later we were bussed far, far south of the city to a little restaurant near a river. Our poor guide was constantly counting us, constantly reminding us…only ten more minutes here or twenty minutes there. My stomach felt better at last, and I was able to wander about while my hip put up with all my antics.

We laze away the afternoon in the library instead of sauntering across the street for one more new jar of fiber. It’s often the culprit, yet anything could have triggered this allergy attack. I try really hard not to let how I feel affect G…but I know it does. We wander the decks before dinner, and much to our surprise find a pirate ship coming in to dock.

The Day in Review: Sightseeing, dozing in the library, snacks on the lido, Friends of Bill Meeting at five. Lite dinner.

Today in San Diego: Swim, work with pictures, finished the trip log.


  1. A pirate ship! Be still my heart! Sounds like a great day.

  2. I fell in love with Puerto Vallarta in my misspent youth!! I'm delighted to see that it hasn't lost its charm. And even more delighted that you enjoyed your day there! I'm sitting here singing "The Shadow of Your Smile" and recalling the Taylor/Burton film "The Sandpiper" that was filmed there. I do enjoy Mexico.

  3. Thank you for the tour. Puerto Vallarta sounds quite interesting. The church is really beautiful. That first photo -- is that an ocean beach? It looks so calm.

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