December 15, 2010


....considering packing.

Catalina, Casino with dinghies, 2007.

“The Art and Science of Packing Light,” is the sub-title of the site One Bag Packing List. That’s not us, but we sure do try. Every time we set off on a journey, I download a packing list. The one bag list covers everything including the kitchen sink. I need to customize it before it’s used for not all that stuff will fit in my travel bag. ”Rick Steves’ Europe, through the back door”, is fractionally more user friendly, but that’s what Steve’s does is make friends to make money. This time, I downloaded both even though we are not heading to Europe.

Why? Last time we traveled….all the way to Alaska to see Seedy’s, I forgot to pack a hairbrush. I’ll always forget something, but hopefully never again will I forget a hairbrush. The Ryndam offered only a children’s brush.

Since we are not headed to the civilized world of Rick Steves, nor are we headed to the far wilds of the One Bag packer, our needs differ slightly from these lists. The warmth of Mexico on a cruise ship calls for one blingy dress, shoes to match, and Southern California Stuff for 8 days. Frankly, I’m not good at this.

Yesterday I counted out meds, bra’s, and underwear….simple tasks. I really don’t want to wash underwear by hand. Eight of this and eight of that. First aid kit is built, and the new Father Tim book has been added to the pile. My problem this time is what to wear. Weather reports say it’s 80+ degrees down in Mexico, but up here the day outside is in the low fifties.

Mother used to design her own clothes using a little Bonita dressmaker. I use Amvets, The discovery Shop, and JC Pennay’s. My job, as I see it, is to make myself look as if my wardrobe came from Rodeo Drive….with my tongue in my cheek.

Mother cruising the south seas wearing a royal blue evening dress. In the black and white shot to the right, she is dancing on the left side of the picture with her back to us. There was a cape that went with this dress.


  1. Yay! Departure day is almost here! Good thing you remembered the brush! I forgot socks and underwear once on tour. Not a disaster but still inconvenient.

  2. Wow, I do not know if I could go on a cruise like that. I do not have any fancy clothes least not that fit!

  3. On an extended road trip I found I had packed a dozen pair of panty hose and no extra undies. "Making a list, and checking it twice..." now.

  4. I'm not an authority, never having had the opportunity, but I have heard that the secret is double-duty clothes. A blouse that can be worn with fancy jewelry and a pretty skirt, or dressed down to wear with pants. And so on.

    A girlfriend of mine bought a plain black dress (at a thrift shop) and changed it with bright belts, etc. She also made a wraparound overskirt of translucent fabric that gave it a whole new look.

    I wish you a wonderful trip, regardless of attire!

  5. I am the Queen of overpacking! And Poor husband drags the suitcases everywhere. We are taking a 7 day cruise out of Florida next January to the warm climates...Since we are driving from Northern Indiana to Florida...we will be taking warm weather clothes for the cruise and cold weather clothes for the drive to and from Florida.

  6. I don't know if it is a blessing or a curse to have had a glamorous mom, but mine was too. She never had much money, but she always looked like a million bucks. Thanks for reminding me.

    PS, it is easy to wash out underwear. Just don't let the sink overflow, the management doesn't approve.

  7. I'm really getting excited for you, Maggie!

    I'd definitely be under dressed as I'm not one for dressing up much. My idea of 'formal' night was a nice pair of slacks and a fancy blouse -- oh and underwear! :)

  8. A packing list is invaluable I think when one travels. I try to pack light but I always bring more than I need. On cruises I like to wear black trousers and have a couple of fancy tops, which don’t need ironing – it works pretty well in the evening.


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