January 31, 2011

Bottom Line (EDIT)

Grumpy and Myrtle in the garage. 2011.

  • Well, considering the bottom line, if it is Grumpy’s valve guides, the cost will be $2000.00. It will be cheaper to buy an engine out of a box and have the dealer install it. If it is the pilot shaft bushing, then MKB didn’t put a new one in when they put the newest clutch in….Grumpy’s third at 30,000 miles. With a bushing, they only have to pull the transmission, and G wants a new clutch plate and throwout bearing installed too. “If we are going to do one,” he announces, “We are going to do all.” Corvette engines will fit, and they get 15 MPG more than we do now with our rebuilt valves. I will mount a permanent sign on the dash telling all valet drivers that “This is not a sports car.”

  • A home must be found for the dresser by Thursday when the carpet cleaners come.

  • G, with my assistance…shame on me, bought Girl Scout cookies. I will not tell you how many I ate. Nor he ate.

  • The papers for the taxes are all neatly in order by subject, by date, and by subfolders within subjects. I feel rather heroic. Not that the piles have totals on them, mind you, but the first major step is done. Over the years, we have gone from my doing them alone to the taxes as a joint project. Maybe we can get the totals run before “Antiques Roadshow…San Diego.” ThomaS once asked if we had imagined living like this when we were hippies. We did live like this as proto-hippies, we just worked harder and watched different shows. Bottom line here, the sooner we get them done, the sooner we get our tax refunds.

  • OKOK….I am still coughing. It’s been 21 days, and I slept for seven of those 21 days. I think I need to break down and call the doctor. My bottom line is that I need to get in the pool and exercise asap. I cannot exercise if I am spending all my time coughing up stuff.

  • So I stopped in at the doctor's office and find I still have the bronchitis. Yes, I have been sleeping on a pile of pillows for 21 days. Yes, this hasn't gone over well with G, poor guy. And extended Z pack, 14 days of waiting, and we all hope that no prednisone is needed as it has been so over used. My hand looks pretty good tho. Progress.


  1. When I was coughing that badly, I went to the doctor and found out that I was medicating the wrong thing. My lungs were clear; my nose was leaking onto my cough reflex (post-nasal drip).

    The doctor gave me fancy medicine to help me sleep, but as soon as I began taking something to dry my nose -- success.

    Hope you feel better soon. The coughing itself is debilitating.

  2. Coughing is the pits. I still have one hanging on for dear life too. Stupid cough. Congrats on being organized. Hope Grumpy feels better soon!

  3. Oh, I so hope Grumpy feels better soon too.

    Cough? Doc at 1145.

  4. The cough from the strain of whatever seems to last forever. However, call the doctor.

    I cannot believe how neat your garage is!!!

  5. Grumpy and Myrtle, fine names for cars. We named one large sedan Miss Piggy.

    Take care of yourself.

  6. I just got a cough. I know you didn't send it to me, but I now sympathize even more. Hope Grumpy feels better soon.


  7. Coughing is awful, your whole body takes a toll. Get to the doc :)

  8. Dang it, get well!!! This is not good!!!! I'm going to think on this reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllll hard and make it go away!

  9. Gosh you've been busy and still under the weather. I hope the carpet cleaner won't irritate your chest. Try not to inhale near it until the fumes are dispersed.
    Get well soon:)

  10. Car problems and coughing. What a depressing combination. I hope things improve soon.


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