January 16, 2011

Deleting the Cold Too

Yesterday and Today
Himself: He’s a lump…He’s so sick we are skipping the Sunday Night Meeting.

Herself: I’m a little better.

There are days you know you will make it, and today is one of those for me. Yesterday afternoon, I played a while in my photohost. Discarding. If you don’t buy something once in a while and keep putting images in, I imagine them frowning and glowering.

Discarding albums and photos. All those 2007 images that I have never used and never will use. Albums not needed because you deleted all the images. I did save the Christmas stuff…..sentimental fool that I am. Into a general all-purpose folder marked All-Christmas’s they went. 2008….ditto. Is 2009 still too close to the bone? There’s an album marked “GnM-all” that’s where all the pictures of G came from.

We are staying home today. I do have to pick up a prescription, but he doesn’t have to come. I should pick up something for dinner, but again, he doesn’t have to come with me to get it. Yesterday I got very dizzy moving around. Today, I think I am in good enough shape to drive a vee-hickle…or should I wait till this afternoon? Oh, the decisions.


  1. Trying to enlarge those photos of G and could not. Will try again later, and probably succeed. So I write this to break the 'curse' of something not happening the first time I try. Is that superstition? Happy to hear you are coming out of the sick bed. Be careful driving. Lots of crazy people in SD (and here too). Dianne

  2. What took you out for a few days seems to be totally decimating Himself. We've experienced that phenomenon here, too.

    Maybe you could hold your own meeting. BTW, speaking of meetings...do they have them on board ship?

  3. ...and I have a tummy ache from eating a spicy chicken sandwich from Jack n the Box for breakfast!!!

  4. Glad to hear you are improving. We like improving. Don't take it too fast. Slow and steady wins the race.

  5. Do be careful.

    Old pictures, like so many other things, I can't bear to throw away. My kids will have to do it after I die. Poor them.

  6. I believe waiting for the afternoon is good enough. Rest.

  7. Hope you and G feel much better soon.

  8. You and G take care of yourselves!

    And get well!!!!!

  9. Please get better soon! You still sound as if you need a bit of TLC.

  10. Dang Im guessing he got what you had? Good you are up and around again...I have SO many photos I need to go thru and edit--someday I hope---


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