January 3, 2011

Did I mention?


  • Did I ever mention that my mother was born January 3, 1903….or was if January 2?

  • My glasses broke. Did I mention that they were bendable titanium?

  • We had to go back to The Container Store twice yesterday to get the right size archival storage file box for my journal ephemera. I was so shocked by the price that I never looked to see if it was the right size. It’s Journal box number 46.

  • Did I mention that there was a double rainbow over the pool this morning as we were soaking in the hot tub?


  1. Oooops! I love it so much I spelled it wrong! Damn phone!

  2. I've heard several references to double rainbows in the past months. They certainly are beautiful. I still remember the first one I saw.

    It had to be nearly fifty years ago. A friend of mine was doing graduate work in the biology department, and we went over to look at the incubators where new chicks were hatching. We were so young -- by comparison -- that we had never seen this miracle of life.

    Then the professor came in and said, "Have you ever seen a rainbow?" We looked out the window and saw...a double rainbow. Two miracles in one day!

  3. I wouldn't mind soaking in a hot tub and seeing a double rainbow! That would soothe the joints and soothe the spirit!

  4. A double rainbow? Now that's a good omen!!!

    Love the Sombreros!!!!!

  5. Beautiful photo. Happy belated birthday greetings to your Mom.

  6. Your mom would have been 108! That always surprises me -- when I figure out how old my grandparents would have been.

    Those hats are so colorful!

    How did 'bendable' glasses break???

    Wow -- a double rainbow -- an omen, but of what I'm not certain!

  7. Being the organized (attempted) one I am curious about the containers...photos?

  8. WOW those hats are so Colorful--awesome subject!! Organization seems to be something I used to be good at, but with age Ive lost the Midas touch of keeping things out of sight and out of mind--
    A rainbow is always a welcome sight!

  9. Great hats, tasty colors! Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  10. Whaaaat??? I just bought a pair of bendable titanium glasses from Costco and they said it wouldn't break. Argh!

    We do get double rainbows often here in Hawaii. They are lovely.

  11. Sounds like a good omen to me.


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