January 24, 2011

Dusting of Art

Art coming out of storage: L to R: Pencil drawing up, Duck’s oil to Lessa, 3 photos down for storage, WPA artist Margot Alexander up, and one doodle to the framers…and that’s how it went for most of the day. 2011.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Not only did he carry art, he rebuilt a neighbor’s front door, then he greeted hundreds for an hour at the meeting. Check out the previous entry to see The Geezer repairing the door.

Herself: Carried art and recorded everything on camera. We were pooped by 3, but still managed to make our meeting commitments. Tuesday: I'm off for a day in LA with Bee. See you Wednesday or Thursday....she says waving.

Art. I call it rearranging the art, but the truth is that we keep on moving things around to kill off the dust mites. Spring Cleaning. That’s what we are really doing when it looks as if we are redecorating.

The bookcases are all done. This Sunday we pulled all the art out from storage….we have a lot of art. We dusted, washed tidied, and hung art when we weren’t helping with the front door across the way. Unless the art is rotated with some degree of regularity, it dies. The dust attracts mold, mold rots and stains the work, and in the end you have trash. I say I’m just rotating the art, but the truth is, I am caretaking it.

I still have glass that needs washing, and I have frames that need dusting. All of Duck’s big pieces are out for the first time since he gave them to us, and there’s a few of mine out too. I found one of mine that I’m framing….I have a frame, and I found three to donate…two to Lessa.


Yes, I moved the small black piece off the roller coaster.

Some things didn’t go up. The portrait was too yellowed for the bedroom….not acid free board, and the watercolor was superseded by another watercolor.

This one was the first we did together. Every line I drew, he sewed even if it was an error. I teased him for years about this, but I carefully whited out errors in the future.

Up, down, back into storage most of these went….except the stitcheries.


  1. How interesting. How do you store the art not on your walls?

  2. That is original artwork? You are really, really talented, Maggie!

  3. Wow! You really have an amazing collection. It's fascinating how a change in artwork changes the whole look of a room. And you did some of these? You are both very talented!

  4. The reclining woman is wonderful, what a team you two are. You're home looks so inviting.

  5. Truly remarkable and amazing and lovely and sweet.

  6. These are beautiful.. eclectic and colourful. A gorgeous collection.

  7. Love the art and love the color of the wall in your kitchen....so vibrant and joyful. What talent the two of you have as well. Lovely....

  8. Your home shows much love and good taste. I wish my home was that beautiful. I can see that you select everything carefully and so well. Lots of neat art. Wish I was there and could wander your gallery.

  9. Getting to know you is about peeling back the layers - each post reveals, enhances or dispells a notion we may have had of who you are. Maggie the collector,the poet, the artist,the family historian, the boatlover,license holder, photographer, reader,volunteer,committed friend, parent, grandparent,partner. Your art collection is fabulous and I like Maggie the "rotater"!

  10. I love seeing your art but I'm having a guilt attack because I need to do the same! May I borrow a cup (a gallon) of energy?

  11. You have an aswesome art collection!! Its a good idea to move things around from time to time for lots of reasons...IT gives you a fresh perspective in a new location and the amount of sun, humidity, etc varies from room to room and wall to wall...I wish I had more wall space for art..BUT I adore light so when I designed my bedroom, I put WINDOWS and GLASS doors on every wall..didnt realize that it left me ONLY one spot to hang my art! SO I had to prune down and the rest went here there and yonder!

  12. thanks for putting these up . . . up on yr walls and up on yr post.

  13. Beautiful art!!! Love it!


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