January 28, 2011

Friday Very Lite

The original ticketing area in the LA Union Station, 2011.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Feeling better and was all over the place yesterday. We both really enjoyed the new PBS "Doc Martin" last night.

Herself: Laundry, new PT guy, and only two sessions left. Grocery shopping. Such a boring day. Coughing worse this morning.

  • By the time I got home from LA, my camera offered only a black screen of death. I handed it to my 39 year old husband, and, after quite a long pause, he discovered the “DISP”lay button. Gee, if you push the display button, it turns off the display.

  • The Geezer looks for nice shady parking places all over town to park in. When he is done writing an estimate, he has to input it into the computer before moving on to the next wreck. Sometimes he finds a parking spot under a tree near a lake. Parks are really good places for not only do they offer shade, but they have bathrooms. Yesterday he stopped in a parking lot near the Sports Arena, which now has a far fancier name, put the windows down, and began to input damages from an Exploder. The car began filling with the incredible, tantalizing smells from Phil’s BBQ. By the time he arrived home, the car was still filled with these mouth watering odors. Instead of eating the simple low fat, low calorie dinner I had purchased, we went to Phil’s and wallowed in the good stuff.

  • The daughters both call. I love it. They make me smile. I need to call them too. Love isn’t just a one way street.

  • There are small moments throughout the day that bring smiles to my face. The weatherman talks about changes that are coming. I talk back to the TV to tell him he is wrong. How do I know? My long ago broken leg isn’t hurting. That too makes me smile.


  1. The New Haven ticketing area has a couple of additions: self-serve kiosks. I can order tickets online, go down to the station and swipe the zebra code I printed out...and out comes a ticket. And no pat-down.

    It's true, our bodies forecast the weather. I hate to tell you what hurts when it's gonna snow...

  2. It's wonderful to have that kind of day! Revel in it!

  3. Love documenting things that bring smiles...puts the focus on the good stuff.

  4. Phil's smells good enough to make me want to eat meat. No wait. Just a passing waft.

  5. Sounds like things are right in your world for today. Hope you have many such days.

  6. Reading various blogs and trying to distract myself from the drama in Egypt right now.

  7. May your Friday be equally wonderful. I shall have to give my son a call today. I haven't heard from him in ages.

  8. Beautiful photo. And that display feature is a good one to remember, eh? ;)

  9. Hi I'm your neighbor to the south and have been reading your blog awhile now....I love your photos :)

  10. I love this photo--wonderful. My son used to text me every weekend...then he got a better paying job and I rarely hear from him now..I'm terrible about calling--

  11. Hi Neighbor to the south. Do you have a blog too?

  12. I bet that place smelled wonderful!

    It IS nice when the girls call, isn't it.

    I fear you'd be dragging your leg if you lived here right now!


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