January 1, 2011


Good morning, good morning. Happy new year to you all.

In the new year, there’s always a new door opening, new possibilities, old things to look at afresh. The symbolism of this new start is universal, crosses cultures, and beliefs to greet us all with hope. I’m a great believer in hope. Without it I would be dead.

So happy new year to you all....happy hope.


  1. Wishing you many open doors for the next year. 2011.....can't believe we are already over a decade into the 21st century.

  2. Thaks for your good wishes Maggie, I am looking forward to walking through the new door.

  3. I love photos of doors and your blog is the second I have read today that talks about HOPE. Let's all hope for the best for everyone this year.

  4. Greetings to you on 1-1-11. Love the red door, also the message of hope. Let's hope is a butterfly that has wings.

  5. Back at Ya!!! You are an open door to me with each post.

  6. Love you much.
    Miss visiting - much more than I miss posting. I should just always plan a month away in December, I guess.
    Somehow I missed that Nancy Belle passed away in 2010 - I was OVERCOME with tears when Ronni told me. I want you to know that I adore you and yours and am very very glad to be walking through this new door with you.

  7. Hope keeps me optimistic, and optimism keeps me sane. Thank you for sharing yourself on these pages.

  8. Without hope, life would really awful. Here's 2011 bringing you and G all the good things!!!! Happy New Year!!!!

  9. All the best to you and G. and your families. Here is hoping to a year of health, happiness, and friendship.

  10. Thats all we can say with certainly--we have hope! Happy New Yr.

  11. I wish you many, many doors in this coming year, Maggie!

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