January 23, 2011

I Only Fell Once

….and on the good knee.

A geocache container, 2011.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Better, he says. He struggled with leftover Wednesday’s work until time to go volunteer. Dinner with the Feasters, then computer games till ten.

Herself: That wasn’t the only bookcase which was far, far beyond dirty. Slowly I defeat the dust that so plagues me and makes every cough worse. Today we are dusting and moving art around.

If Maria, our housekeeping person, can’t get to it, whatever it is, she can’t dust it. She’s tiny, so the spider webs hanging from the ceiling keep on hanging and collecting dust until one of us taller folks take them down. That applies to bookcases too. If they are in the dark, behind things, this sensible woman won’t move furniture to dust books.

After G left for the Museum, I started to clean out one set of the bedroom bookshelves. I dragged out dusty, hidden books until it was time to meet Captain Poolie and make the exchange. Exchange? She’s writing a series, Skeptical Eve loosely modeled on the Nancy Drew writing styles, and our store just happened to have Nancy Drew’s on sale two for a buck. She authorized me to buy ten dollars worth. With my giant bag of books in hand, I was waiting at a new coffee shop while reading number 8…..will Nancy find the letters stolen from the letter carrier?

After wonderful, fat, blueberry scone….it took me a while to remember what they are called, comfortable conversation and an exchange of adventures, led me to ask if she wouldn’t mind a quick geocache. Oh, I’m impertinent. She loves to geocache, but I felt daring asking her after her stressful week.

Yes, there was one nearby and could easily be found by using her phone’s GPS. Yes too, I only fell down one hill landing on the good knee for a change. Yes three, there the little box was just feet from where we were standing looking for all the world just like a moldy little bit of plastic trash.

I went triumphantly back to my dusty bookshelves and filthy bears with a grin…much like a girl detective of old.


  1. Way to go!!! And I'm glad you didn't get hurt!!!! Keep talking about book shelves. I need inspiration to take on mine!!! And ohhhhh how I love scones.

  2. Scone, huh? Yum!

    And too bad about the fall, even though it was on the good knee!

    When I was in grade school, I was addicted to Nancy Drew books. Your post brought back pleasant memories.

  3. I think I need to get in the van and retrieve a scone...no more falling ok?

  4. You do have a good time in life don't you? Good for you.

  5. I've heard about geocaching. It sounds like a lot of fun though I've never attempted it. Do be careful with your knees.

  6. Well, Nancy, make sure you wear more practical shoes in your future detecting!

  7. You are such a good sleuth! I was impressed! Good job, matey!

  8. Rut Roh~! I see another geocacher is being groomed. It is fun but something I have avoided getting involved with. My own son & daughter in law introduced Poolie to this game. They have over 1300 finds to date.

  9. Well, I guess I have to find out more about geocaching. But I have no trouble retrieving scones.

  10. Scones are wonderful, aren't they? Just big, fat, shortbread cookies!! YUM!

    Be careful! How's the knee?


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