January 12, 2011

Illogical Us

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Got through almost all his wrecks by dinner time Monday. Simply amazing. Tuesday he brought home only two to finish. He’s getting much better at this.

Herself: No more seven o’clock PT appointments. I woke at 4 am thinking, and I was up way before the alarm at 5 worrying about getting things done in time to make it all the places I needed to go….silly me. Printed item to be read, therapy and last day with this therapist, writing workshop, home and corrected things, wrote, and wrote, and suddenly became aware I was flat out cold. Dinner…high fat, high salt, high fiber, and high fun: Noodles, cabbage, and Kielbasa. And best of all, our 8 pm television. By NCIS, I was coming down with Bronchitis, and by this morning a sinus was yelling at me too. If I am worse by this afternoon, I’ll call the doc.

There’s no rationale to our behaviors. It’s been decided that our day officially ends at eight pm Thursdays. Kapoof. That’s it. No matter what’s happening, no matter the state of the world, whatever work G has left to do, or the condition of the neighborhood, all activity stops at eight on Tuesday nights for a television show.

Once when television was in its infancy, families grabbed their dinners early and would gather together in front of their new GE’s or Philco’s to watch Uncle Miltie on the Texaco Star Theater. Tuesday nights at eight. Doesn’t that ring a bell. These days, we have a chance to eat just a little slower before we head upstairs for our television Tuesday nights at eight.

First, we turn on the space heater and three computers. He finishes anything left over from work. I have a chance to read a few notes and leave a few notes on blogs. Then one of us gets up from our computers. We turn them off…actually off. He goes downstairs to make the morning coffee, and I pull out tables and put them next to the bed on each side. There’s water handy, sugarless cough drops, old fashioned chair backs behind us, a book for commercials, and so we settle in on the bed for an evening of television.

It’s NCIS night. This show is turning us into a pair of virtual veggies as we cheer on the good guys. NCIS LA is improving this season, so we stay watching just as if we were amazed and glued to the vaudeville gags of Uncle Miltie. The routines were old then and are old now. Often we know what’s going to happen around the next corner, but we like the characters. Often we know the plot just as we knew Uncle Miltie’s jokes. Every week we are ready. We wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Oh, what have we come to.

Arizona news close to home:

Ronni Bennett, who writes a blog on elder issues, at Time Goes By tells us that: Elderblogger Ashleigh Burrows was one of the shooting victims in Tucson on Saturday. Her daughter has updated Ashleigh's blog, The Burrow, day before yesterday and yesterday too. Her mother was shot three times, and the response of love and caring has been overwhelming and appreciated. She has come through the latest surgery in fine fettle, but I am sure a note would be appreciated.


  1. We really like NCIS and NCIS LA, too. We Tivo them so we can watch without commercials! I'm glad they finally featured new shows last night instead of re-runs. Isn't nice to know that in most of their cases, the good guys win?

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  3. How much do I love NCIS? Last night I was writing dialogue for Gibbs and Abby, and I got it right. It's a wonderful group of characters.

    As far as Uncle Miltie goes, we never watched him. I don't know whether he was still on when we got our first television set, but if Mother didn't like him, we wouldn't be allowed to watch.

  4. NCIS is one of the few programs I watch. However, to prevent TV overtime of my husband, we play a round of Scrabble when overload begins to hit us.

  5. Re your comment: I only upload the Blogger photos, but currently it says...You are currently using 603 MB (58.95%) of your 1024 MB. I am halfway there. Been blogging for quite a few years, so I guess I am safe. Still very conscious of the memory limitations in Blogger.

  6. I did not comment on Ronnie's readers blog as there were something like 300 there already. I like NCIS but am addicted to The Good Wife and any British mystery on PBS. You guys are so neat do seem to be so compatible with your routine. I can see you are working on keeping control in your life.

  7. That is a good show...but Tuesday for us is the only reality show we tune in, Biggest Loser..it is motivational to a degree, I usually exercise with them when Im not eating chips..lol
    Im looking forward to next Monday when Kathy Bates's new show premiers...looks like a good one.

  8. David is the TV hog. I don't watch it much, and if I do, it is usually sports. So, I have never seen NCIS, believe it or not.

  9. I visited the journal you recommended. Quite a lady! Thank you for sharing that.

  10. Hmmm... this sounds like our Monday nights of Chuck and Hawaii 5-0.

  11. It is a great bonus to find a programme that you can watch together with enjoyment. Monk - when he is available - is a favourite here.

  12. Curious in Arlington writes: Wondering how you order your books, They looks so tidy and arranged. Thanks.


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