January 30, 2011

It's Time

The pile.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Nope, it wasn’t his birthday yesterday. He was cute yesterday tho.

Herself: I never got to the books at the thrift store Friday. Yesterday I went in for a couple of hours and filled the shelves then later repriced all the Nancy Drew’s. There were one or two really good ones, but most were in the one buck range….said ABE Books.

Dresser: Nope. I already have one in my closet and one in G’s. Nope, I’m keeping it…it was my grandmothers. No: Garage because it will grow mold. Arggggggggggg……
It’s time. That file folder on top of the bookcase has grown from neat and orderly to file by pile. The pile has reached the overwhelming stage just now when the first official DD’s, PP’s, quarterlies, and 10somethings have begun arriving.

Our CPA no longer sends us an organizer in snail mail instead now sends a complicated thing via email. One has to have the program installed to run it too. G could do it without me, but I don’t know if I could now do it without him.

For years I did the taxes by myself. Proudly, I may add. With no doctor’s stuff either. Now most of what I see is prescriptions and stuff for the hospitals and insurance. This year we have half a year of unemployment and taxes on my SS to add.

Sometimes I let it all overwhelm me. Sometimes I overwhelm it.


  1. There is no doubt in my mind that you can conquer this! You go, Maggie!

  2. From the time I was seventeen, I did my own too. Proudly. And after my brother went into the military, I did my dad's too. That was then.

    I'm glad I started using a CPA some years ago, because this has gotten more and more complicated. Try figuring in Title XIX -- it will take the attorney and the accountant together to figure it out this time.

  3. I'm getting some help this year too, probably making a mountain out of a molehill. Go Maggie.

  4. We have a lovely little lesbian who does ours. But getting stuff ready still generates anxiety for us both. Jerry makes sure to get it done early. That's a blessing.

    So sorry to miss seeing you in SD.

  5. Woe is me when I have to be responsible for the taxes around here. I flee at the site of that stuff.

  6. Sometimes it is better to pass the baton on.

  7. I love the term, "file by pile". It so wonderfully describes our most recent system of filing.
    We get the taxes done-too much of a chance to miss things owning a business. Now I am responsible for others' as well. Not for me to tackle all of that.


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