January 24, 2011

Opening Doors

Her door didn’t want to open or close. Period.

Like all doors in this place, it was cheep in the first place and hasn’t aged well. We are all waiting for the “Quieter Home Program” to reach us. Not only are we getting heat and air, we get triple pained glass in doors and windows plus a new front door. All this is supposed to keep us from suing the Airport for the jet sounds above us.

George said he would help Michael fix her door which would open with struggle but no longer wanted to close. He shaved off the bottom of the door, a bit off the side, put new flashing on the bottom, and rehung it. She sealed all the cracks, and the association will repaint it. The weather will be kept at bay for the next few years.

Gee, can I get him to do this to ours?

Best of all, Zena the Warrior Kitty kept me company while they doored.


  1. Zena looks like great company! Are you serious about the airport remunerating the work?

  2. That kind of work happened around SeaTac airport area homes a many moons ago. They also purchased blocks of homes and enabled a program to get deaf persons into those around the airport. Can't speak to the success of it other than a hearing friend who got her house rehabbed this way and did help great deal. The yard was still impossible though.


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