January 22, 2011


Clean at last. 2011.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: He did a long trip far into the mountains yesterday for a wrecked motor home, so today he had a lot of yesterday's wrecks plus the cold is still with him. He was still working at 9PM.

Herself: Got almost every single book out on the shelves for sale.

After looking at that shot I posted yesterday morning then tidying and filling bookshelves at work, I came home and felt guilty. That big bookcase was the work of a truly slovenly, uncaring mind.

What an uncared for, unthinking mess. Obviously I had to step back and look….and the photograph did that for me. I looked at the mess which had grown while my mind was absent, and I was ashamed of myself. When I got home from making orderly rows for the Cancer Society, I made orderly rows for myself.

Now I can find things. Oh, catagories are mixed a bit. Poetry here or there and ship books the same. I can find all but the trains, and they have to be in another bookcase. Not a dust mite left here either.

“Progress not…..” what? Perfection of course….once I move the dog and a rock.


  1. And your chicken looks much happer too!

  2. I wish mine looked as good as your "before" picture.

    One of the best teachers I ever knew said one's goal should be the "process of ongoing improvement." Unfortunately, although I still agree in theory, my process is bogged down....

  3. Wow! Good job, come fix my shelves ;-)

  4. Thanks for geocaching with me today! Did you get the picture?

  5. I'm envious. I need to do that with my bookshelves, too -- not to mention the rest of my home!!!!! May I borrow a cup of energy?

  6. yes! Progress! Good job!

  7. Gosh! I didn't think your "messy" picture was all that bad at all, but now it looks pristine. What a good feeling. I love being organized, too.

  8. I agree with Kay! I didn't think it looked bad to begin with. I'm glad it makes you feel better, though. :)


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