January 29, 2011


We can’t seem to find a home for this old dresser.

Progress at last. Then again, I added back one more of those blue pills and increased my cough medicine. We both slept well, and when we woke both commented on it….happily.

Our only problem today is that we have one too many dressers for the house.

Isn’t it nice to have a problem like that. Oh, I sliced a two inch cut in the top of my left hand at work yesterday. Reaching for books…that’s me, always reaching. At the house, I have the problem of an old Victorian dresser stuffed with the family linens that doesn’t have a home. Here I can’t seem to reach for the solution at all.

No, I don’t want it blocking a bookcase. No, I don’t want to close the doors to the computer room, either one, and put the dresser in front of them. We like having a suite upstairs. No, there’s no room in the bedroom…tho I note that Grandma used it as an end table for her bed. If I did that, the poor old thing would get full sun on its wood all day. No room in the living room, either bathroom, or in the kitchen.

In the meantime, it is sitting in the middle of the computer room. Continually hitting it with body parts isn’t good for it either.

“I’m going to hire a decorator to solve all our problems,” I told the Geezer.

“Hire a wino to decorate our home?”

I looked at him blankly.

“It’s a country western song.”

More blankness from me.

“You had to be there,” he said returning to his solitaire.

He didn’t notice that I was hiding my laughter the curve of my elbow, but perhaps I will really hire a decorator.


  1. You seem to be doing fine without one! Love your artworks.

  2. My daughter has solved the problem of dressers -- for her. She has piled up boxes or chairs in front of them, so that no one (me, for example) can open the drawers. I do use the top surfaces...

    But sometimes you can put a small dresser into a closet, underneath where you hang short clothes (blouses and jackets, maybe). It can be effective, except that now I need another closet.

  3. No decorators. They're generally awful. You'll figure it out. Hugs.

  4. Use it as an end table but put a colorful cloth over the top to protect it from the sun.

  5. Hmmm thats a hard one, try a feng shui decorator...
    Take care of that cut!

  6. The photos of your home spaces are so inviting and interesting, I bet you can thing of something. I liked Tabor's suggestion. Heal soon.

  7. Geezer's funny! :)

    OUCH! Did you need stitches? I hope not.

    This is THE week. I'm going to straighten my bookshelves and clean out my closet.


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