January 2, 2011


No resolutions here. Perhaps G has some…I didn’t ask. There’s “Gotta Do’s”….gotta do exercise, go to meetings, call Bee Monday mornings, exercise, write, remember to take my camera when I leave the house. That sort of thing. No resolutions tho.

I find I need to simplify and keep on simplifying, so I can remember to survive. Some things I can remember….the Geezer for instance. I can remember my kids, how to drive my crotchety old truck, my friends, color….there is no life without color. But I don’t need a wall between me and the things I can remember.

These last few days we ate the old way. There was a really delicious beef stroganoff made with real butter, a real steak, fresh mushrooms, and honest to God high fat, real sour cream. Did I mention that we also had real pizza the day before, and a chocolate Sunday in there too. Now I remember how good all that real food was, I don’t have to do that again soon.

Now we go back to a simpler low fat way of living. I don’t have to remember that…it’s life.

I need to put this life I need to remember close to hand. Like that little bit of red yarn, I have my morning exercises next to the bed. My soft warm, shoes are there next to the door remembered first every morning. That’s enough remembering before coffee. After coffee the world spreads out before my remembering.


  1. Excellent description of life. I hope I can remember it.

  2. The red yarn stashed in the wall makes a great photo. Keep that camera at hand-your photos are always a treat to see.

  3. I have lots of things that I "HOPE" I remember to do this year....and remembering the old ways of eating are fun for the moment, aren't they?

  4. The only resolution I made is to SHED: Shed pounds, shed unhappy memories, shed anxiety and fear, etc.

    Let's see if that comes to pass by this summer...

  5. That's a long list of non-resolutions. If you keep to all that you are a good woman indeed!

    I look out at lovely sunshine and the new year is looking good.

  6. keep juggling and remembering...it will work out. I also try not to forget my camera whenever I go out and about.

  7. I'm having a terrible time remembering too. I keep a little notebook with me all the time to jot things down.

    Beautiful post, Maggie.

  8. I'm not into resolutions either. I've decided that 2011 is a year for revolution -- I just haven't decided what direction it will take. Like most things in my world, it will take on a life of its own and I may or may not be happy with what I started. C'est la vie!

    Sounds like you're settling in well from your trip!!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!!

  9. Welcome Back, and thank you for the lovely words.

  10. What a beautiful post. I always learn so much from you.

  11. Yes, it's time to resume the lower fat way of life. I sit here in my gym clothes ready to compete for space in the parking lot and inside the gym -- for the the following two weeks the gym will be filled with 'resolutionaries'. I can only hope the forget to put the yarn in their walls -- soon!

  12. I so enjoy your photos. I hope in 2011 to remember to take my camera along with me.


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