January 10, 2011

Semi Tugged into 2011 (Edit)

Above: The 2006 VB CONTADORA and below a fleet of older tugs tied up in La Paz and the newer, 2008, VB TABASCO in Mazatlan.

Yesterday and Tomorrow
Tuesday: Some foolish old woman made an appointment with the physical therapist for 7...that's seven in the morning. I'll skip the gym....no heat in the pool anyway, and go from there to school. No blogging since I am not here to write it.

Himself: Happy as a clam with his work all done. He’s killing the spider webs after he spends an hour or so playing computer games. Who am I to object at all. He too liked the movie a lot. “Really good…really good.” An accolade.

Mikey News: Great News. The tumor is shrinking and there are scars on the bones….which means the chemo is not only being tolerated but is working.

Herself: Mea slug. Ya know. Sometimes just curling up with a written word is ok too. Photos of Baja tugs for Tugster. I did get all my blogger bookmarks read and noted. Peter Knego did get a list of all his Treks up on Maritime Matters. Boy has he been busy. Here, the movie was stupendous…very moving, stunning sets, I cried and sniveled. I’ll see it again and buy the DVD. The poower of the internet. I saw Kay with a functional garlic peeler. Her daughter in Chicago bought it for her mom who lives in HI. When I asked about it, Kay asked her daughter, and tells me that she got it at Williams Sonoma. Oh, the power and reach of the internet.

The Arizona Shooting: I’m beyond appalled by this. After we sorrow, I hope this horrific act by this 22 year old child makes us rethink some of our own actions and laws.

Sometimes we are like little old fogies curled into our balls waiting for spring while doing things the semi way. The seasons pass, and slowly we face cleaning up the messes. Leaves in the Fall. In December, there’s the holiday stuff.

Both Christmas trees were boxed up nicely this morning, but the red ornaments were put away al fresco….not properly in put into storage at all. Have you seen those ornament boxes they sell in the fancy stores. Each precious glass item goes into its own nicely padded slot. That’s not us. Sometime before next November, I will have to take all the red Christmas stuff we just put up, down again and package it up semi right.

We have gone from an era of too little, to excesses of every sort around this house. In the seventies, we had just three boxes of Christmas ornaments. Now I see more-than-many up in the storage cupboard….nothing semi about them. I need to keep on getting rid of things like too many ornaments, too many dishes, and too much kitchen stuff.

The laundry got put away after the Christmas things. Semi-right there too. Underwear with underwear…mine weren’t folded but his were. My bottom line is underpants. I’m not ready to get rid of more of my too many underwear…however did I end up with a giant drawer filled with underwear, anyway?

Perhaps this will be the year of the Semi. Kenilworth’s in this drawer and Mac’s in that drawer. Wrenches over here with the poetry.


  1. I like this "semi" concept. I do semi cleaning and semi organizing. but I never fold my underpants.

  2. I totally agree that we become people of excess. One of the big problems here is that much of what needs to be discarded is not mine. (I have less trouble discarding mine, unless it's books...)

    Now, what would you do about junk that is blocked by someone else's precious savings? None of this material is ever going to move, unless I find the strength to move that stuff (making the room unuseable) and throw out what's behind it.

    Oh, yeah, I can't throw it out anyway because the trash people are snowed out of my block. Thus, I say, pure frustration. Bite my tongue.

  3. I noticed that my socks seem to breed in the drawer too. Not to mention, their cousins, the underwear. But when going on a vaction, it is nice to have excess to eliminate the need for a laundromat.

  4. thanks, mage. i really like the first shot.

  5. Lots to think about today.

    Underwear. I just bought some new
    ones fianlly. The little Mom voice said, you don't want to be carried to the hospital with "those" on your bottom, do you?

    Ornaments. I gave my big ones to the kids and bought small for me. Sometimes I put htem up, sometimes not. We keep holiday lights up all year. David says they cheer him up.

    Dishes. Last semester a fellow in my class let it be known that his wife was divorcing him and he had no dishes. Almost all the women in the class (not me, although I have three sets) volunteered they had a set he could have. Yes, he was tanned and handsome.

    PS, I love the tugboats.

  6. How could a person have too much underwear?

  7. Everything breeds in the drawer! Good thing I don't keep my rabbits in there!

  8. We just went through all the closets and drawers and shared big boxes with Good Will and the Salvation Army. We really try to clean out in January. But underpants? I know I have more than I need, but I just bought some more. :)

  9. The colours in that last image are so crisp and vivid. Just beautiful.

  10. Great post. It gets us thinking about what other areas in our life we are only doing semi-good. Wouldn't you love to come back to life one time as a tugboat captain?

  11. I am not a good cleaner at all. As for underwear (aka panties), I am contantly buying new ones and tossing the old ones.

  12. You know how I feel about tug and pilot boats!!

    And Maggie, there's nothing wrong with having a drawer full of drawers!!! :)


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